Istituto Modartech organized a special meeting to discover innovative solutions in the world of photorealistic, real-time 3D rendering.

Efficient prototype production and sales stimulation have become major keys to market competitive performance. At the same time, customers demand quality service, esthetic products, and multi-channel communication to feel confident in validating their purchases.

At the presence of a limited number of business representatives from various fields from robotics, footwear to automotive and design markets, Istituto Modartech organized a round table to highlight the innovative solutions of Lumiscaphe product distributed by the Italian company StrategieCad.

The meeting “4.0 Design for innovative user experience” presented the French company’s innovative application; intuitive technology enables the transformation of any CAD model into real-time, incredibly realistic, 3D rendering and its application areas, from design, development and production to marketing and sales.
A predictive approach that reduces production cycles and the required number of physical models/prototypes.
The seminar dealt with several main themes: Improvement of software features and rendering engine performances, import of data created by CAD tools with the objective of optimal quality preservation, development of tools adapted for collaborative work, ergonomics of human-computer interactions in immersive environments.

Speaker: Marco Casali CEO di Strategie Cad S.r.l.

Founded in 2001, Lumiscaphe is an editor and integrator of innovative software solutions in the field of the digital aspect mockup (DAM) and photorealistic, real-time 3D rendering.
With offices in Paris, San Francisco, Bordeaux and Tokyo, Lumiscaphe provides its solutions to its clients directly and through a network of certified partners.
Lumiscaphe is the editor of the 3D Sensation software suite (formerly P3D or Patchwork 3D), which enriches CAD data with the addition of the final visual aspect, then allows the DAM to be used by the Design, Marketing, and Sales departments, including through the use of innovative and differentiating sales tools (immersive solution, online/offline solution…).
Major Customers: Renault, PSA, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Maruska, Accor Mercure …

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