A laurel crown for Modartech: since 2018 prestigious recognition from the Miur

the Institute has been authorized to issue 1st level academic degrees.

From the Academic Year 2017/2018 the Modartech Institute of Pontedera is authorized by the MIUR, Ministry of Education, University and Research to the issuance of 1st level academic qualifications of the AFAM sector – Higher Artistic, Musical and Dance Training.

The award, which gives the Institute a new authority, was officially announced today, during a press conference at the headquarters of the Tuscan Institute. The three-year course in Fashion Design, which has always been one of the flagships of the Institute’s educational offer, was a forerunner in the curriculum, consisting of 180 Academic Formative Credits, which offers students an advanced training course after graduation of high school diploma.

For an institute that operates in post-diploma training the most coveted recognition can only come from MIUR, which through its assessment bodies decides to assign academic accreditation – explains Alessandro Bertini, director of Modartech -.

A careful and timely evaluation, which took place first in the ministry offices, then at the Modartech headquarters, brought out the didactic, logistic and technological quality of the school, which after many years of training, dialogue with companies and important awards are honored to be able to offer their students the first three-year course for obtaining the 1st level Academic Diploma, which for the university world is represented by the first level degree“.

The Istituto Modartech thus represents a reality of recognized excellence in the national academic panorama, located in a strategic position, a dense area of ​​companies that produce clothing and accessories, including the leather and leather sector, research and technology transfer bodies, hi-tech and web-oriented realities, all united by the absolute attention to sustainability and the uniqueness of Made in Italy.

The Municipality of Pontedera proudly welcomes the recognition of the academic level of Modartech training – said the mayor Simone Millozzi -. This is another important piece of the mosaic we are composing.


We work to make Pontedera a center of knowledge, innovation and quality. We have always believed in this project from the beginning. Today the facts are proving us right. I thank all those who have worked to bring this institute to this prestigious milestone, which must be a springboard for further and more ambitious goals.

In our city and in our country we need experiences like this that combine innovation and technology, creativity and experience, fashion and research.“.

Il Miur autorizza al rilascio di titoli accademici di 1° livello

Giving our students quality training so that they can have the opportunity to develop their talents here is fundamental for us,” commented regional councilor Antonio Mazzeo. For this reason I am really proud of this recognition that on the one hand enhances the result achieved by a reality of excellence in our territory but at the same time it also represents a virtuous example of how we can create and carry out entrepreneurial projects able to combine development of present and investment in the future.


We want that, starting from examples like this, Tuscany can be more and more a land of ideas, creativity and opportunities to offer our children. For us the creation of work and good employment is a real obsession and on this ground, as a Region, we will continue to work tirelessly”.

Dialogue and collaboration with the Municipality of Pontedera and the Tuscany Region, the BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, the Piaggio Foundation, the G. Gronchi Municipal Library, the companies and other partners involved, as well as the prizes international and high employment rates, have been recognized by the inspectors of the ANVUR (Evaluation Agency of the University System and Research) and have had, together with the quality of teaching and teaching staff, a key role in achieving this goal.