Become CAD Apparel Pattern Maker

Become CAD Apparel Pattern Maker

The Apparel Pattern Maker is a highly sought-after professional figure within the fashion industry. It is the one who realizes the garment designed by the designer, transforming the ideas of the creative into a product. It makes the patterns following his instructions and takes care of the technical aspects of production. It creates patterns and develops the prototype for collections and production, using traditional tools and innovative programs such as CAD.
Talent or passion for fashion is not enough to become a pattern maker. It is required to learn the skills and techniques of modeling, design and analysis of the pattern, creation of the pattern and the CAD pattern, the study of materials and fabrics, the development of sizes.

Corsi di moda triennali e post diploma all'Istituto Modartech

The CAD Apparel Pattern Making Course recognized by Tuscany Region with Qualification release, is part of the Istituto Modartech professional courses, highly specialized training courses specifically designed to address those who want to acquire high-level technical and practical skills in a short time.

The course has annual duration and includes an internship in selected companies, mainly in Tuscany. However, the internship can be activated without territorial limits in Italy or abroad. The course is held at our headquarters in Pontedera (Pisa), is a limited number in classes of up to 15 people.

Main didactic modules

The CAD Apparel Pattern Maker Course includes specialized professional lessons on modeling techniques, both traditional and thanks to the use of the most innovative tools.

  • Advanced pattern making
  • Stylistic interpretation of the collections
  • Textile merchandise
  • Fashion CAD (suite Lectra: Modaris, Diamino, Modaris 3D)
  • Fashion English
Modartech Dark Heritage Collection

Professional opportunities

The course explores all the aspects related to the design of various types of clothing to form the CAD Apparel Pattern Maker, a key figure for companies, capable of transforming creative ideas into products.
The goal is work in companies in the fashion industry, or freelance, as an apparel pattern maker, CAD technician, product development.

Internships and guided tours

The lessons of theory and practice in the classroom, will be completed by the experience of internship that will allow a full immersion in the heart of creative processes in close contact with professionals of important fashion brands. Through the support of a contact person in the company, the student can measure the training action and actively compare himself with the operational characteristics of the profession.
The training of the students will be completed by guided tours to Material Preview, PITTI (Uomo e Filati), LineaPelle and Milano Moda Unica as well as to exhibitions in case of particularly significant events for the profession.

Job placement and job opportunities

Istituto Modartech promotes the work of its students with various initiatives. Own events, as well as joint actions carried out thanks to the collaboration between the Institute and some national and international partners and associations, to give visibility to the creative talent of the students, with participation in trade fairs and sector events, selected competitions and contests.
In addition, the “Modartech Works” project represents a permanent job placement service that crosses the profile requests of companies in the sector with the skills of the students trained by the Institute.

For more information on the training offered by Istituto Modartech send an email to or contact us at 058758458.

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