The board game designed by the students of Communication Design that tells the best practices to defeat the virus.

In relation to the fear and mistrust spread by the Covid-19 emergency, the students of the Post-Diploma Course in Communication Design wanted to convey through the game good practices  to defeat the virus.

CoronaGame is a board game, a graphic project created to raise awareness of compliance with current regulations in a creative way.

The students used graphic and design techniques learned during the course, practicing to create boxespawns, iconsillustrations playing with fontscolors and shapes to create personalized displayboards with a unique style.

The boxes and images aim to capture the attention on the importance of simple gestures and actions which, however, can be fundamental in the fight against the virus.

An informativeeffective and simple communication that can be positively received by children, adolescents and adults and that can make the difference in such a sensitive moment.

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