Creative Day 2021 | Digital Spring

A day dedicated to creativity and training guidance with fashion and communication professionals.
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A day dedicated to training guidance in the disciplines of fashion, design and communication, organized by Istituto Modartech, in collaboration with Campus Orienta-Salone dello Studente, Class Editori group.

A Creative Day in digital version that followed the stages throughout Italy of the Salone dello Studente Digital Spring with workshops, webinar, interactive workshops and insights on themes and trends in fashion, design and communication, to accompany the students of the last classes of high school to discover the professions of creativity .

Thematic Areas

  • BRANDING Visual and sentimental graphic trends. The brand changes face by creating new emotional connections with its audience.
  • HIGH TAILORING AND MODELING Discovering the techniques of designing and manufacturing garments, from the drawing, to the paper model, up to the packaging of unique garments.
  • DIGITAL WORLD AND APP How do you design the graphic and interactive aspect of an app or website? Let’s find out some tools for application design.
  • SHOES & ACCESSORIES Shoes and accessories: how a shoe or accessory is made. Product design and presentation techniques with a focus on specifications and details.
  • SUSTAINABLE FASHION Sustainability represents an essential value in the world of fashion: environmental impact, 0 km supply chain, responsibility, ethics. Focus on the trends and best practices of the most innovative fashion brands that have led to the development of new materials, recycling techniques, sustainable use of resources.
  • FASHION ILLUSTRATION & TREND The digital illustration used in the creative and production process of creating fashion products and accessories. From the trends that emerged from trade fairs, to the research and creation of moodboards, up to digital illustration.
  • STORYTELLING Storytelling and narrative marketing: general introduction and focus on the best practices of the big brands in the sector. The webinar is developed in the form of an interactive laboratory with quizzes and tests.
  • FASHION DESIGN To discover the trends that have emerged from sector fairs and international fashion shows, to learn about the inspiring elements that will influence the new collections, providing valuable information on colors, shapes, materials.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN Discovering infographics, the illustrative storytelling technique that simplifies concepts and contents, providing a concise, immediate and effective reading. Introduction to graphics in general, applications and examples of infographics from the web.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY History of fashion photography, between social, costume and evolution. The different types of photos will be explored, showing campaigns and images and deepening the photographic language adopted.

Creative Day

Salone dello Studente Digital Spring
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