Graphic-Social Community Manager Job

He is a visual expert who has a thorough knowledge of communication via social networks.

Speaking of communication, we refer to a fascinating, dynamic and multifaceted sector.

The market is characterized by constant change and it is precisely this high complexity that emphasizes the crucial and essential role of communication. The need for companies to communicate with their public, to enhance the product and its uniqueness, to stand out in an ever wider and more competitive market emerges more and more.
The communication industry is moving very quickly and therefore needs creative, competent and highly specialized professionals.

What does a Graphic-Social Community Manager do?

The Graphic-Social Community Manager is a relatively new professional profile.

He is a professional manager experienced in visual communication who has a thorough knowledge of communication through social media.

The tasks of the Graphic-Social Community Manager include all those activities for defining and implementing communication strategies through social networks, creating profiles, implementing them with targeted content to increase their dissemination, dialoguing and listening to customers and constantly monitoring the activity to establish and develop the corporate social media strategy by nurturing a relationship of trust between the customer and the company itself.

He has strong skills in graphic techniques and use of computer programs, knowledge of visual arts and use of web social tools: blogs, tools and resources for a modern and effective.

The Graphic-Social Community Manager can work in various environments as graphic operator, Web Marketing Manager, social media Manager in sectoral agencies, companies and organizations for the realization of events, promotional and social material or in the form of a freelance profession.

To pursue a career as a Graphic-Social Community Manager, passion, talent or interest in the communication sector is not enough; a specialist training course is required that allows the acquisition of indispensable technical skills.

In fact, it is necessary to develop an in-depth knowledge of the sector as well as the acquisition of technical skills and specialist practices.

Attendance in a higher education communication school, such as Istituto Modartech, will allow students a complete and specialized training; in addition, through educational projects and internships, it will give students the opportunity for a full immersion in the heart of the creative processes, in close contact with experts, thus entering the heart of the profession and absorbing firsthand fundamental skills for their working future.

Istituto Modartech offers the three years Communication Design Course that in addition to the skills of graphics, visual communication and management of social networks, it combines essential technical knowledge for the design of coordinated communication campaigns, combining the ability to use the main software and professional tools with the most modern communication mechanisms.

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