How to use Linkedin: To be successful and kick-start your career – April 28th

Francesco Costanzo, Sr. Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn Talent Solutions.
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Francesco Costanzo, Sr. Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Find work and accelerate your career with the web, creating a significant network of contacts and developing new opportunities.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with over 467 million members in 200 countries. The goal of this social network is to connect professionals to increase their productivity and their success. A network that allows access to people, job offers, news, updates and information related to the professional world.

In Italy more and more companies and headhunters use the professional social network to select and search for figures: as many as 87% of those involved in the evaluation of possible candidates for a job find LinkedIn much more useful than examining candidates during the process of intake.
So it is necessary to be present, as well as to be connected, to communicate with the connections and to be active: in a few words, to know how to use this social network correctly.

The seminar will explore how to make the most of LinkedIn’s potential with the aim of entering the job market in the simplest way possible, becoming better professionals and realizing your professional dreams. At the end of the meeting we will be able to: build an effective LinkedIn profile, create a network of professionals relevant to your needs and make the most of the social platform to search for or create an upcoming job opportunity.

28 April 2017
Hours: 16.00-18.00
Speaker: Francesco Costanzo, Sr. Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

Francesco Costanzo is an enthusiastic, curious and passionate, in love with life and how it can surprise you at any time. Born in Pisa, from Tuscan culture acquires (in abundance) stubbornness and obstinacy that he pours into the labor market and in particular within the world of Human Resources. After some experience he understands that this function is not made for stubborn people and therefore enters LinkedIn to try to change it (the HR function) overwhelming it with the digital world and social networks in particular
In his free time he ventures his desire to do beach volleyball and volleyball, always keeping an eye on the innovations that the world offers because in life there is nothing worse than chasing.
Meeting is free, with limited seats.
To participate send an email to:

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