I believe in the creatures of the night, the Gianmarco Lupi collection

A proposal that turns the spotlight on the theme of alter ego.
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Ideas, visions and inspirations of the most transgressive collection of Modartech Fashion Show 2019.

Cool, daring and with an unmistakable character, the proposal of our Fashion Design student Gianmarco Lupi, turns the spotlight on the theme of alter ego and escape from everyday life by representing the people of the night.

Watch now the interview!

1. Tell us what originated the design choices of your outfits.

My collection is inspired by an interview with the photographer Richard Renaldi, for him every night club is a fantasy world, where people immerse themselves to escape reality and the real life problems.

Who in everyday life do not consider themselves attractive or are forced by their social role to retain their imagination, are free to choose a glamorous look even at night, creating a real alter ego.

2. Your proposal and its accessories are immediately associated with the clubbing and nightlife scene. What techniques and materials did you use?

I tried to mix the world of disco, underground and punk with the exaltation of physical defects. I applied to clothing accessories such as the disco ball, sound-absorbing panels and unconventional metal accessories such as safety pins and hairpins.

Furthermore, to visually enhance the defects, I wanted to immerse some pieces in my collection into resin to give them a deformed look, while for some garments. I used the vacuum packing technique, alluding to the conflict between what each individual would like to show and what is holding him back.

The materials are contrasting: the fabrics in cotton and felt (which I have resined creating a casting effect) are contrasted with more technical fabrics such as mesh, PVC and stitched fabrics.

3. What is your idea of ​​the future?

The future is a great dance floor where everyone is welcome and we all people exalt our faults because they are what really stand out  us from the crowd.

For more information on the Fashion Design Course send an email to info@modartech.com or call at 058758458.

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