Istituto Modartech on Rai 2 with the “musicale e responsabile” collection by Costanza Grassini

Young graduated of the three-year course in Fashion Design on TV.
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Young graduate of the three-year course in Fashion Design on TV in the broadcast “Moda in Italy – L’Italia con voi” on RAI Italia.

It’s a short step from the Modartech classrooms to the small screen. It will be Costanza Grassini, young graduate of three-year course in Fashion Design to become ambassador of the Institute, invited to present her collection “Behind the scene” during two different TV shows on Rai stations.

Today 29 November Costanza was a guest of “Moda di Moda – I Fatti Vostri” on RAI 2 conducted by Stefano Dominella, president of maison Gattinoni, and will be present, together with the course partner Margherita Giovanelli, in the broadcast “Moda in Italy – L’Italia con voi” on RAI Italia which will be broadcast on 3rd December.
The Modartech alumna brought with it the garments of the “Behind the scene” collection, inspired by music and presented in June during the 2018 Fashion Show and recently in Milan during Fashion Graduate Italia. “The idea of ​​inspiring me to melody – explains Costanza – stems from the desire to transform abstract music into something tangible, tangible“.

This is how the black and white garments were born, inspired by an orchestra conductor, a cello, a trumpet and an accordion made giving body and substance to the passion

But that’s not all: Costanza wanted to combine musical inspiration with a reflection on sustainability and social responsibility (topics on which the 2018 graduates worked to give body and meaning to their creations)

“Can fashion, the ephemeral phenomenon par excellence, represent a form of economically responsible action? – asks Costanza – What we wear is able to signal, in addition to personal tastes and inclinations, also the ideas and values ​​of reference in one’s own life? “

It is to give substance to this reflection that the budding designer has created her clothes giving life to an ideological manifesto and resorting to the use of details borrowed from the musical instruments that inspired her, like real cello strings, picks , an old score, a record as a hat but also paper napkins transformed into clutches and the mechanics of a guitar transformed into elegant buttons.

All recycled objects that have found a new life in the “Behind the scene” collection. Great attention also to the reuse of fabrics, like the old sheets “a beautiful cotton, almost impossible to find, which gives the clothes a consistency that I would have hardly been able to create with other fabrics. I really care about recycling and reuse“.

“It is a great opportunity, and at the same time a great gratification, for one of our female students – commented Alessandro Bertini, director of the Institute – to see her projected into the world of television. An important showcase that shows how the efforts made to create, from a to z, a contemporary collection made with professionalism and with a strong focus on current issues such as sustainability and social responsibility, are rewarded by the attention that is given to us. Stimuli that from the beginning of the course of study we try to convey in the modus operandi of the designers who study at Istituto Modartech, to train a new generation of designers ready to innovate and reinvent the fashion market“.

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