Modartech Fashion Show | Futur Is: the project

"Futur Is" is the concept that the students of the Istituto Modartech were asked to interpret this year to give life to their collections.

Experimentation, technology and sustainability. On the catwalk the future seen from the eyes of the students.

Futur Is” is the concept that the students of the Modartech Institute were asked to interpret this year to give life to their collections that will be shown on the runway at the Piaggio Museum on June 7th at 9pm, during the annual Fashion Showthe closing event of the academic  year 2018/2019. Let’s see together the most innovative and curious aspects of this year’s proposals:

The Modartech Graduate Collection created by the students of the 3rd year of the Fashion Design academic course, is under the sign of experimenting with shapes, lines and materials, and deals with various issues such as the environmental emergency.

The collections were made with recycled materials enhancing imperfections and contrasts and adopting experimental techniques such as vacuum packing or the application of thermochromic paints on the garments.

Another topic covered is that of cyberbullying with a line with a high hi-tech content that points the finger at that “invisible violence” that often winds its way across the web.

Great attention to contemporary social issues where the theme of migrants is translated on the catwalk with applications of life jackets and thermal towels.

Innovation and technology alternate with craftsmanship and craftsmanship in the creation of garments: in fact holographic and technical materials are contrasted with hand-worked fabrics with raw materials, natural dyes and resins giving life to a style capable of capturing looks.

New to this edition is the launch of the 2019 Modartech Collection, of 2nd year Fashion Design students.

capsule collection with Modartech brand that for the first time sees the Institute’s logo become a real brand, and that makes space between sweatshirts, k-ways, leggings and streetwear garments.

The predominant color is white alternating with neon accents from orange to coral, from lime to water color, in full trend SS2020.

Still research but with a more streetwear mood is the soul of the “Jeans’ Genes Collection“.

A functional “college” style design enriched by logomania, dynamic graphics and applications of woven woven fabrics, organic materials and prints with water-based inks that communicate a new sustainable aesthetic.

Bags and accessories complete the collection with a clutch that can be transformed into a computer case, technical backpacks, sneakers and ankle boots.

Modartech Dark Heritage Collection

The garments were designed by the students of the Fashion Technology course starting from the interpretation of sketches designed by great style icons such as Cristobal Balenciaga, Pierre Cardin, Roberto Capucci, Le Sorelle Fontana, Gianfranco Ferrè, Lanvin, Hubert De Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent redesigned in a contemporary way combining denim streetwear with haute couture cuts with references to the Californian atmosphere of baseball and surfing.

Innovation of shapes and volumes, overlapping constructions, visionary reinterpretation and contemporary experimentation are the soul of the static installation designed by the students of CAD Apparel Pattern Maker who with the “Dark Heritage Collection” will make us live again the heads of the greatest gurus of international fashion exalting tailoring and design technique.

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Fashion Show is in collaboration with the Municipality of Pontedera and the Piaggio Foundation, under the patronage of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and Florence Center for Italian Fashion.

Special thanks to Esanastri, Maruska and Showmates and technical partners Freudenberg, Frizza, Confezione Galligani, Hemmers Itex, Italtessil, Lamintess, Lampo by Ditta Giovanni Lanfranchi, Lanificio Becagli, Laura de Cesare, Leathertex, Maeko, Olimpias, Omniapiega, Prato Fabric, Redmark, Confezione Remy, Staff, Circolo Fotografico L’Occhio Sensibile, Elevent, MB Vision, Renè Olivier Production, Valdera Video.

Thanks to Valentina Ilardi for her support in styling.
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