Modartech Meeting: Design 4.0 for an innovative user experience – February 23rd 2019

Modartech Meeting: Design 4.0 for an innovative user experience – February 23rd 2019

Istituto Modartech workshop at Florence Bright Festival

The institute will be present on February 23rd 2019, through the meeting “DESIGN 4.0 FOR A USER EXPERIENCE INNOVATIVE”.

Bright Festival is the first event in Florence dedicated to Digital Art, Lighting Design & Electronic Music

Modartech offers a free workshop that will take place at The Student Hotel, on February 23rd from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Starting from a realistic model, focus on digital illustration, interactive and intuitive technologies that allow to extract vector drawings and transform any CAD model into a real-time rendering, incredibly realistic, shared and usable through different communication devices in common use.

An approach that reduces the time needed to perfect the product design and communication cycle at all levels.

A unique opportunity to learn about configurators, digital mockups, 3D rendering and discover the areas of application. From design, to development and production, to marketing and sales.

In the final part of the workshop it will be possible for the participants to use the presented technologies.


Deborah Bellucci – Fashion Designer and trendbooks Illustrator, Istituto Modartech teacher
Marco Casali – CEO Strategie Cad, partner Istituto Modartech

Companies partner

Wacom – Strategie Cad – Lumiscaphe

For more information: orientamento@modartech.comBright Festival Site

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