Modartech Meetings

A round of meetings with experts in fashion and digital culture.

Series of seminars with experts, professionals, teachers, celebrities from the world of Fashion, Communication, Research and Innovation to explore the ways of creativity, learn about the latest industry trends, the impact of new technologies, discussing about more topics current with ideas, visions, projects, experiences. Exclusive opportunity to meet and debate for the professional world and the students, to read the present and the future, with a constantly updated training, with testimonials from industry players.

Istituto Modartech meetings are free and dedicated to professionals, companies, journalists, students and all those interested in researching topics related to Fashion and Communication world. These workshops are unique and valuable opportunities to learn, through the qualified and prestigious testimonials, current professional scenarios, economic and lifestyle.

M Meeting Program

Lecture | Graphic Design – December 19th-21st

Istituto Modartech at Bright Edu | Online with a lecture dedicated to digital creativity and the professions of the future.

Creative Day | Webinar ed Interactive Lab – December 10th

An opportunity to get oriented by participating in webinars, interactive workshops, workshops and insights.

Webinar | Love Brand – June 26th

Alessandro Caneschi, Art Director and Istituto Modartech teacher.

Webinar | Sustainable Fashion – June 24th

Alessandra Carta, Creative Director and Fashion Consultant, Istituto Modartech Creative Director.

Workshop | Meeting with Pollini – January 29th

Marco Piazzi, Pollini General Manager, AEFFE gropup.

Workshop | Public Speaking – January 21st and 22nd

Roberto Ciufoli, actor, voice actor, comedian and theater director.

The colors of the World Championship between art, technology and design – May 8th

Aldo Drudi, author of the graphics of motorcycles, helmets and overalls of the majority of MotoGP riders.

The Art of Art Direction – April 16th

Felice Limosani, creative multidisciplinary and new media artist, included among the internationally recognized Italian innovators.

Color analysis – April 15th

Fashionroom, a bookshop specializing in fashion and design, in collaboration with Pantone, a global authority for communication and color inspiration since 1963.

The role of the stylist in magazines – April 5th

Valentina Ilardi, Founder and Editor in Chief at GREY Magazine.

Journalistic Communication – March 27th

Franco Fatone, RAI journalist sent fashion and costume TG2 – TG2 Costume e società – TG2 Storie.

Fashion Photography – March 14th

Gianmarco De Pascalis, Fashion Photographer, of some of them have been published in important magazines such as “Vogue”, “Elle” and “Vanity Fair”.

Preview on Future Trends for Raw Materials – March 9th

Michele Guidi of Showmates, industrial platform for raw materials, components and packaging solutions for leather goods and footwear industries.

Design 4.0 for an innovative user experience – February 23rd

Istituto Modartech, in collaboration with WacomStrategie CADLumiscaphe.

Trends, aesthetics, messages: a reading from Fashion Show & Events – January 30th

Franco Fatone, RAI journalist sent fashion and costume TG2 – TG2 Costume e società – TG2 Storie.

Fashion Communication – December 3rd

Paola Cacianti, Journalist, author, consultant, creator of formats such as “Top-tutto quanto fa tendenza” aired on Rai 1.

Fashion Photography – October 28

Meeting organized by Istituto Modartech in the context of Fashion Graduate Italia.

Accessories Digital Illustration – October 27th

Deborah Bellucci, Fashion Designer and trend books llustrator, teacher at Istituto Modartech.

Fashion Photography – April 24th

Paolo Belletti, Photographer who collaborated with brand such as Femme, Vogue, Nike, Gattinoni, Piaggio, Ddn and others.

The Fashion Show – February 23rd

Edoardo de’ Giorgio, Head of Press Office, Gattinoni.

Modartech Meeting: Fashion Communication – December 3rd

Meeting with Paola Cacianti, RAI journalist and author of the format “Top – tutto quanto fa tendenza”.

How to use Linkedin: To be successful and kick-start your career – April 28th

Francesco Costanzo, Sr. Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

The Color – April 11th

Fashionroom, bookshop specializing in fashion and design, in collaboration with Pantone, global authority for communication and color inspiration since 1963.

Fashion Photography – February 20th

Sara Mautone, Fashion photographer and Art Director, who brought her works to the Victoria and Albert Museum, Hoxton gallery and Habitat Platform Gallery.

Sustainable Fashion – January 20th

Alessandra Carta, Fashion Designer and creative consultant for companies such as Max Mara, L’Oréal and Bulgari.

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