Online Courses

Short distance learning courses to acquire basic skills or specialised expertise in the creative Fashion and Communication disciplines. Totally digital and accessible on your own computer, featuring innovative didactics thanks to qualified teachers, Fashion industry professionals, the use of multimedia material, live interactions, and exercises.

Footwear CAD Design | Online

The footwear pattern maker with knowledge of CAD is the most sought after by shoe factories, a professional who plays a central role between the creative office and production.

Graphic Design – Digital Image and Photo Editing | Online

The course to develop the skills to produce digital files suitable for print, videos, web and social networks.

Clothing Pattern Making – Women’s Coats | Online

Course to acquire advanced skills in the design of increasingly complex women’s clothing.

Fashion CAD Design | Online

The figure of the Apparel patter maker with CAD use skills is absolutely the most sought after by fashion companies and plays a central role between the creative office and production.

Sustainable Fashion | Online

The course aims to provide the knowledge and tools to identify sustainable fashion design practices, developing a responsible awareness on an environmental and social level.

Footwear Illustration | Online

The course to develop the ability to vector design footwear models with professional software such as Illustrator and Photoshop, discovering the main techniques for illustration.

Education Methodology

Distance learning to acquire preparatory training introductory to the creative disciplines, as well as specialised training to improve and enhance professional expertise, with practical/theoretical lessons and theme-based programs.
Remote live-lessons, documentary and multimedia material sharing, updates in streaming, exercises, contacts and virtual interactions with the teachers.
An educational experience that puts together the discovery of the made in Italy with the safety and the commodity of the distance training: studying fashion in Italy is certainly a fundamental step for whoever wants to enter the Fashion world as a professional. The courses at Istituto Modartech open the doors to the talents of the whole world, putting them in contact with Fashion industry professionals and with an incredible network of companies and Italian and foreign fashion brands.

Blended Programs

Online studies can be integrated with a course at the school in Italy, at our Istituto Modartech campus. Undertaking an Undergraduate, Intensive, Masters course or deciding for individual programs, either way, an educational experience in the heart of Tuscany becomes a life experience. High level studies to put in practice, experiment and give life to one’s own creativity, with a balanced mix between laboratories and didactic projects, adopting professional instruments and technologies with the supervision and counselling of Fashion industry professionals.
Istituto Modartech has its roots in a unique territory, in Tuscany, where there is a concentration of highly specialized districts – from the 4.0 industry to clothing, shoes and luxury accessories – near Pisa and Florence where international students can enjoy a unique training experience.

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