Project Works

Icon | Heritage, Innovation, Identity

Thanks to the partnership with UID-India- ICON was born: new visions for an international collection charaterized by innovation and sustainability.

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progetto The Players

“The Players” Project

An educational graphic design project for the magazine “The Players” designed by the students of the Communication Design Course.

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T-Shirt Project

Stylistic reinterpretations and graphic creations of the t-shirts inspired by the Modartech brand of the talents of the Communication Design course.

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LINK | Legami Creativi

The visual project of the students of the Communication Design Course dedicated to the Covid-19 emergency.

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Facoltà di Creare: the new communication campaign of Istituto Modartech

Visual, values and trends of the new advertising campaign for 2020.

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The board game designed by the students of Communication Design that tells the best practices to defeat the virus.

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Banner Labelado Contest

Creative Contest “Message on a Bottle”

A student of the Communication Design Course finalist of the competition launched by Labelado to graphic designers and illustrators.

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Vespa Denim Project

An international Fashion Design project in collaboration with United World Institute of Design Karnavati University India

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An “e-card” designed by the students of the Communication Design Course in occasion of the upcoming Christmas holidays.

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Hahnenkamm‐Race International Poster Contest 2021

Students of the Communication Design course design the poster for the Hahnenkamm Race 2021 ski race.

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T-shirt Design Contest CafèNoir

The students of the Web & Graphic Design course have designed a t-shirt in line with the trends of the Cafè Noir FW20 collection.

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We are the future: a Modartech young talent at Tuscania Festival

A digital collage made by our student Cosimo Grandoli will animate the Belvedere Palace façade in Peccioli.

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Creative ADV for the capsule collection of Peuterey

Knowing how to communicate today means moving in a constantly changing world.

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Communication Design project for the Pontedera-Volterra Transfusion Center

Communication campaign on the emergency transport of blood with drones.

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Modartech Dark Heritage Collection

Modartech Fashion Show | Futur Is: the project

“Futur Is” is the concept that the students of the Istituto Modartech were asked to interpret this year to give life to their collections.

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“Lectra Talent” project – in collaboration with Peuterey and Modartech

The students of the Fashion Design course had to make a mini collection of outerwear inspired by Peuterey’s brief.

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“Design Icon Fonts” Project

A visual interpretation for a series of works that tell a new and personal side of eleven of the most used fonts in the world of graphic design.

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How to register online at the Modartech Institute

“Sotto//Forma” the educational project of communication students

In collaboration with Paolo Belletti, innovative fashion photographer and communication teacher.

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Modartech Fashion Show 2018 graphic

Respons-Ability T-Shirt – The Project

Developed by the students of the last year of Fashion Design, where craftsmanship and innovation are experimented with a responsible approach.

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“Tuscania Festival” project

The organizers involved the students of Web & Graphic Design for the creation of a graphic installation that will embellish the facade of Palazzo Belvedere.

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Modartech Meeting "Sustainable Fashion"

Freudeberg School Project 2018: Fashioning Sustainability

Project for the creation of an ecological and innovative outfit starting from a sustainable fashion interpretation.

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Outerwear Project: Collaborations Trend

After a careful analysis of some of the most significant brands, the students of the third year of Fashion Design have created a Capsule Collection.

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“BluSky Project”: Brand visual packaging

Communication Design students were confronted with the creation of a logo and packaging for the “BluSky” energy drink.

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Shooting of the collection created by the Fashion Design course students

Modartech Fashion Show. Fashion, a phoenix rising from waste

Sustainable Vision is the theme and the guiding thread that has guided the students in the realization of the projects.

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Tuscany, tourism and wine: the concepts of the didactic project of Web & Graphic Design

Creative proposals to convey a new image of the Tenuta Varramista.

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Fundamentals of visual communication

T-shirt I Love Vale – Creative Project

Project carried out in collaboration with the “I love Vale” association, named after the memory of Valentina Parentini, a swimmer who died prematurely.

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Modartech Xmas Card: my Vision

Web & Graphic Design students have reinterpreted the stylistic features of the Christmas tradition thanks to the notions learned in Photoshop and Illustrator.

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