Salone dello studente 2021

Istituto Modartech initiates meetings with training orientation throughout Italy.

Istituto Modartech continues its path of training orientation throughout Italy.

Istituto Modartech continues its journey by launching the meetings of the new Academic Year with educational orientation across Italy, with the tour of the Salone dello Studente 2021 with Class Editori: the event dedicated to high school and university students looking for training and professional opportunities.

A digital tour to follow on the Campus Orienta Digital platform where Istituto Modartech will be present from October to December inside the Exhibition Pavilion with a virtual stand, orientation webinar and workshop to discover creative professions.

Our tutors and guidance counselors are just a click away, ready to welcome students interested in getting to know the Institute more closely and to provide detailed information on the educational offer, creative projects, student support services, workshops and professional tools by collecting information on courses and access methods.

All events are free to attend.

Scheduled events  


A meeting with the counselors to learn about the Institute, the training offer and the services.

Webinar Creative Jobs: Fashion & Communication

An in-depth study of the creative professions and higher academic training to develop specialist profiles required by the market.

Webinar Creative Projects: Fashion & Communication

An in-depth study on creative projects from research to the creation of fashion collections and advertising campaigns.

Creative Day

The event dedicated to creativity and training guidance with fashion, design and communication professionals.
On the agenda webinar, interactive workshops and insights to guide the students of the last grades of high school into the discovery of the professions of creativity.

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Salone dello Studente 2021

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