Job Placement Service

Modartech Works, the permanent job placement service.

Modartech Works is the new project by Istituto Modartech providing a permanent job placement service which matches requests for figures from companies in the sector with the skills of students and former students trained by the institute. It is an ongoing dialogue to bring the training closer to the world of work… and vice versa.

The area where the Modartech activities are carried out, starting from the province of Pisa, but with companies located throughout the region, is a well-known zone recognised for the number of companies from the sector concentrated within a relatively small radius. An area that cannot be matched anywhere in the world, with districts highly specialised in design, clothing, footwear and luxury accessory manufacturing.

Modartech Works aims to increasingly satisfy the employment needs of students and companies. As a result, it also helps to boost the sector’s competitive edge and enables students to follow a training programme that is always in line with the real market needs, with direct links to the companies.

Modartech Works carefully monitors the labour market and mainly acts in two directions:

  • continual expansion of the network of companies in the sector for the organisation of periodical activities;
  • constant observation of its former students’ employment situation.

The Career Days represent a further possibility and permit the promotion of students towards specific professional opportunities.

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