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Sustainable Fashion | Online

Sustainable Fashion


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The Fashion world represents a highly dynamic and competitive field where the consumers’ taste is always more sophisticated, changeable, but also more conscientious. They look for values not only in the price-quality ratio, but in identifying themselves with the brand in its wholeness. Among the most significative trends, sustainability represents an irreplaceable value.
Environmental impact, zero km supply chain, responsibility, ethics, become integrating elements in the “value proposition” of a company. New languages and forms of expression are needed and, above all, the introduction of new actions that continuously englobe values through time, connecting all the actors of the fashion chain in a common effort of doing and sustainable.

The goal of the course is to provide the knowledge and the instruments to take up this challenge and opportunity, discovering the best practices, circular systems and chains, identifying the design practices of the sustainable fashion, developing a critical and responsible conscious at social and environmental level.


This course is thought for all of those that want to approach a new vision of design, delving into sustainable fashion design. Starting from the basics, it prepares those that are approaching fashion and represents a new interpreting key and inspiration for those that already work in the fashion sector. To innovate, stimulate and reinvent the fashion industry in the sign of sustainability, with an eye to the future of responsible innovation.

Educational programme

  • Concept of sustainable design fashion
  • Terminology: ethical fashion, slow fashion, greenwashing, circular fashion, upcycling, cruelty free
  • 7R Model
  • Best practices: case history and business models of the most innovative, sustainable, and responsible fashion brands
  • Circular systems, territorial chains, materials, and life cycles of a fashion product
  • Trends: challenges and opportunities
  • Sustainable design thinking: ideas, creativity and sustainable projectuality

Tools and material provided to students

Live sessions with Fashion professionals, multimedia educational material, lesson recordings, practical exercises, live chat with students, personalized counselling.




2 weeks


Twice a week


Basic – intermediate




Attendance certificate, with accreditation of acquired skills



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Material and tools needed

› Computer with updated operational system
› Chrome web-browser (Firefox, Safari)
› Microphone (external microphone or headphones with microphone)
› Headphones or headset
› Webcam
› Internet connection (ADSL / 4g / Optical fibre) – [min. band recommended 3 Mb/s]
› Block notes and pen
Fashion Design Course bachelors degree

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