Interview with leading lights in the world of fashion and communication: the testimonies of entrepreneurs, journalists and sector experts on Istituto Modartech.

  • Istituto Modartech is an extraordinary school, teaching an ancient art in the most modern of ways.
    Stefano Dominella, Istituto Modartech Scientific Director, Chamber of Italian Fashion Director, Gattinoni Chairman
  • Innovation, creativity, quality and research are surely the cornerstones of corporate success, but the true driving force is passion, being able to create emotions and express true Italian craftsmanship. We found these values at Istituto Modartech, an excellent training institute and precious partner hosting young talents and  providing opportunities to work together.
    Piero Jacomoni, Monnalisa S.p.A. and Consorzio Bimbo Italia Chairman
  • I have always believed that the training and development of human resources is a fundamental aspect for company growth and development. We have shared this philosophy with Istituto Modartech for many years and we have always been satisfied when we have been able to place their young graduates in our organisation. I have to say that the level of training and skills seen in the young students is really very high.
    Fabrizio Mazzantini, Cafè Noir Chairman
  • Modartech is an institution that you don’t expect: smaller towns often hide unexplored but precious treasures. It doesn’t have the pretentious name of lots of other elite schools, but it has a history and serious attitude rarely seen in other institutes, which often live off their image and are more like companies than educational institutions. Modartech is fashion – real, true, tailored fashion – created with the soul and the hands, aided by technology but without ever forgetting the unique value of creativity. Modartech is close to its young students. It continues to follow them even after they have finished, guaranteeing job prospects and  human relations that I have never come across in my numerous experiences in the most important schools in Italy.
    Alessandra Lepri, Journalist, writer and top expert in training, fashion and desig
  • I have been working with Istituto Modartech for several years. We have begun a programme to research, investigate and come up with new ideas, in particular in the footwear and accessories sector, one of Istituto Modartech’s most specialised areas. The school has managed to include  innovative systems and tools in its teaching programme. It has become a real standard setter for those who want to train in this sector, right from design to the technical part, to meet both fashion and manufacturing demands.
    Veronica Solivellas, Shoes and Bags Trend Book Creative Director
  • I came across Modartech for the first time one afternoon at the Piaggio Museum, and what immediately struck me was the atmosphere of enthusiasm and freedom created by the young people. It was a freedom consisting of new ideas and the desire to create them, and the merit goes to mentors who get the young students used to reasoning in concrete terms. In an increasingly demanding world, especially in the fashion and design field, with the growth of the global market and the rise in competition, the task of specialised institutes such as Modartech is increasingly important, especially in the area where it works, which boasts a great tradition of craftsmanship and loyalty to the manual skills typical of the Made in Italy label.
    Betty Barsantini, journalist expert in culture, fashion, customs and society
  • The collaboration between the Piaggio Foundation and Modartech began many years ago and is now consolidated. The Piaggio Museum was the first fascinating and magical backdrop for Modartech’s wonderful end-of-course fashion shows. The partnership became stronger a few years ago, and we started to work in close contact on teaching projects for schools. The result was an engaging programme that was greatly appreciated by the students. The last shared experience was the organisation of an important conference devoted to schools entitled “The Fashion Professions” on occasion of the exhibition Gattinoni, Vespa and the TV. Fashion Made in Italy. A great success!
    Sabrina Caredda, Piaggio Foundation Operations Coordination Manager
  • I have been working with Modartech for fifteen years. A centre of excellence in professional training, it has built and over time strengthened its name in the fashion sector, bringing together experts, teachers and professionals. But Istituto Modartech was also a forerunner in other areas of high specialisation: communication and applied multimedia, becoming a standard setter for the training sector.
    Max Pinucci, MBVision Creative Director and Manager
  • I consider Istituto Modartech a school that provides a high level of vocational training for the fashion and web sectors. This is shown by the institute’s former pupils who have become part of our staff. In a situation of economic crisis such as the one we are experiencing, it is not easy to give your students real job opportunities, but with its energy and professionalism Modartech manages to do so.
    Annalisa Costantino, Okoway Fashion Publications Director

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