The bra is 100 years old

Modartech was involved in the design of the logo of the Cortina's Secrets exhibition, organizing an internal contest reserved for students.

The third edition of Cortina Fashion Weekend (6 and 7 December 2013), the long weekend dedicated to aperitifs, dinners, happenings and shopping in the Dolomites, which starts the winter season, this year is dedicated to the universe of femininity.

The heart of the event will be Cortina’s Secret, a tribute to the centenary of the bra that was conceived in 1914 by Mary Phelps Jacob in America. Thanks to this initiative, bra models symbol of these hundred years will be exposed to the public, which will be visible in the windows of the 10 boutiques involved in the project, inside special personalized frames. An exclusive corner will be dedicated to the bra of the future with anticipations and visions.

The 9 sketches of the students of the Fashion Design Course of Istituto Modartech, representing the idea that girls have of the bra in the future.

The students have released their imagination, designing bras that rediscover the sense of comfort combined with aesthetic needs. The fabrics chosen are soft and “intelligent”, they are combined with increasingly comfortable fibers and “seamless” constructions with laser cuts and invisible seams.

To complete the sketches, there will be the prototype of a “technological” bra made by hand during the course, with almost spherical cups and concentric stitching, testifying to the future of this accessory.

During a press conference in Cortina, a jury of journalists and fashion bloggers decided the sketch deemed most significant based on the criteria of visual impact, creative content and degree of innovation.

Istituto Modartech was also involved in the design of the exhibition logo, organizing an internal contest reserved for students from the Institute.

Among the proposals presented to the jury, created in the name of femininity, elegance and sensuality, the staff of Cortina Turismo has decreed the proposal of Anna Favilla, student of the Web and Graphic Design Course, as the most interesting.

A logo with simple and refined features, which enhances the garment itself, created to enhance the female body and make women feel comfy.

A project coordinated by Cortina Turismo, conceived by Alessandra Lepri and Maria Anna Zerbini and created thanks to the prestigious partnership with Patrizia Fissore’s Vintage Tara.