The Fashion Show – February 23rd

Edoardo de’ Giorgio, Head of Press Office, Gattinoni.

Edoardo de’ Giorgio, Head of Press Office, Gattinoni

In the last decades of the nineteenth century, the fashion show became the instrument par excellence for communicating the latest innovations created in the Parisian ateliers. And it is during the Belle Époque that the show becomes an event of great international resonance.
Italian fashion takes its first steps with the fashion show organized by Giovanni Battista Giorgini in 1951 in Florence, on the runway of the Sala Bianca.

Over the course of time the fashion show has evolved, has assumed scenographic, mundane connotations becoming a real show, as well as led to intellectual and artistic representations aimed at presenting the designer’s idea, while at the same time appreciating the details of every single piece of clothing.

The meeting, testimony of the Communication Design course, aims to present the fashion show analyzing it from different points of view:

  • Fashion Show
  • Organization
  • Strategy
  • Calendars and Fashion system
  • Communication

Speaker: Edoardo de’ Giorgio, Head of Press Office, Gattinoni
It handles relations with institutions, celebrities, national and international press, national and international events and exhibitions and advertising.

The meeting is free, with limited seats.
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