Vespa Denim Project

An international Fashion Design project in collaboration with United World Institute of Design Karnavati University India

An international Fashion Design project in collaboration with United World Institute of Design Karnavati University India.

Explore and reinterpret the Vespa brand’s authenticity to create creative interpretations where denim is the protagonist.

Hence the Vespa Denim Project, the international project created by the students of the Modartech Fashion Design Course in collaboration with the Indian students of the Unitedworld Institute of Design – UID Karnavati University India.

A training experience that is linked to an internationalization path of the Institute, which strengthens and develops skills related to the relationship with foreign countries.

We wanted to interview the protagonists of the international educational project to highlight different points of view: starting from that of our students and then moving on to the teachers and coordinators of the Modartech Institute and UID Karnavati University.

Chiara MenapaceIrene ZucchelliElena Baldacci, Sara Pupi – Students of the Undergraduate course in Fashion Design.

What was it like working with an Indian university?

Chiara: I think the suitable term is fascinating. Working remotely by communicating at different times and practicing in the language was a truly instructive experience.

Irene: confronting a reality so different from ours, spurred me to work a lot on the project and to be more ambitious also made me more aware of my qualities.

Elena: the project was interesting and stimulating, above all for the possibility of being able to confront young people from a different culture, which allowed us to have a different perspective.

Sara: the comparison with foreign students was an excellent opportunity to broaden the creativity of my project, together with the possibility of observing the realization of each portfolio and its different interpretations on the theme “Vespa Denim”.

What moods, trends, styles and techniques instead have you taken as a reference for your creation?

Chiara: my inspiration was born from the desire to highlight the Vespa symbol, the boys of the Indian university were curious to know this brand. The password for my collection: comfort.

Irene: I tried to get out of my comfort zone inspired by a different reality, I was inspired by the concept of craftsmanship for the details of the garments, finished with embroidery and engravings to decorate the jeans. My mood imagines Vespa as a symbol that combines innovation and tradition.

Elena: I have taken styles and silhouettes of the historical moment in which Vespa was born together with today’s trends. The mood of the collection recalls the comfort and elegance, refinement and romanticism typical of women belonging to the 50s.

Sara: for my collection I was inspired by the Vespa as a symbol of union and sharing. For the garments, I chose a unisex style without gender distinctions and from the trends of the 50s.

Chiara Mosti – Fashion Design teacher of Istituto Modartech.

How did you integrate the project between universities?

We have tried to bring some of our culture, the heritage that characterizes Vespa and to transmit the perspective views of the children as well as the values of the school to then absorb all the sensations, knowledge and different interpretations by the Indian university.

Is it important that different cultural realities collaborate to create common projects?

It is fundamental that in 2020 different cultural realities have an exchange, it becomes an essential step to better understand what surrounds us, to enrich our knowledge, broaden horizons and above all maintain elasticity in one’s ability to reason, an inevitable gift for a future Fashion Designer.

Indian teachers and students also reported a summary of their experiences.

The work shared by Italian students was inspirational.
Mood, styles, techniques and colors recall the Indian heritage.
Particular emphasis was placed on the preparation of the production of garments, complete with sketches and technical tables.

The project meant that Indian students paid more attention to western fashion trends, and Italian design, in particular the transformations of the Vespa, were studied in detail to draw inspiration.

The inspiration is linked to the characteristics of mobility, innovation and design of the Vespa brand declined in a sporty key to create outfits with a sporty, casual and glamorous appeal.

Many projects presented by our young creative talents who presented sketches of garments inspired now to the past now to the future: many references to the 1950s with vintage silhouettes, nostalgic and elegant to switch to garments with comfortable, versatile and urban lines and unisex that wink at the current trends of inclusion and sustainability.

The international commission has chosen 10 projects among those presented by the students of the Istituto Modartech from which a total look for student has been selected, which will be packaged in Italy.

The students of the Unitedworld Institute of Design – UID Karnavati University India are about to finish the sketches and we can’t wait to discover their creative proposals!

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