Webinar | How to become a pattern maker? – 22 January

Giulia Giorgi, Apparel Pattern Maker and Teacher at Istituto Modartech.

Perspectives, skills and training: online study to learn about the figure of the Technical Designer.

The apparel pattern maker is a fundamental professional figure in the fashion industry: they are the link between the designer and the product. Their job is to develop the creative models of the fashion designer using traditional tools and innovative programs.

The webinar “How to become a pattern maker? Perspectives, skills and training” is an opportunity to orient yourself and learn about the creative processes from idea to realization, delving into the world of fashion design. An opportunity to participate in a demonstration workshop and really get to know what an apparel pattern maker does.

The webinar is created in collaboration with LavoroeFormazione.it

Webinar program

  • The profession of the Apparel Pattern Maker
    Discovering the professional figure: role, skills, characteristics
  • Haute Couture and Pattern Making: design techniques
    Discovering the techniques of designing and manufacturing garments, from drawing, to paper patterns, up to the making of unique garments. Between traditional techniques and CAD skills
  • The training of the Apparel Pattern Maker
    Presentation of training courses and career opportunities
  • Questions and Insights

Friday 22 January 2021 – time 15.00

Where: Online, wherever you are. You will receive the credentials via email to participate in the webinar.

Format: Live Talk + Q & A live Chat

Speaker: Giulia Giorgi – Pattern Maker and Teacher at Istituto Modartech.

For more information:
orientamento@modartech.com, + 39 0587 58458 .