Woolmark Performance Challenge 2021

The Woolmark Company creative project presented to the students of the Fashion Design course.

The creative project presented by The Woolmark Company to the students of the Fashion Design course.

The Woolmark Company, the leading brand in the world of Merino wool, involved the students of Fashion Design Course engaged in the development of sportswear and accessories with a sustainable, innovative and re-use soul, by exploiting the natural properties of Australian merino wool.

Sustainable fashion and technological innovation represent the strong points of the new educational project aimed at students of Fashion Design Course through a collaboration with an exceptional company in the international fashion scene that carries on the values ​​of sustainability and guarantees the quality of clothing, yarns and wool fabrics.

The first phase of the project started with a lesson with Birgit Gahlen, textile engineer & Global Fashion Coordinator of The Woolmark Company, who focused on wool and yarns and informed the students about the project brief and how to register for the e-learning platform created by Woolmark, to learn more about the applications of Merino wool through online resources and a series of live webinars.

At the end of the special lesson, young creatives were invited to participate in The Woolmark Performance Challenge, the annual competition which aims to create sportswear clothing using the natural properties of Australian merino wool, an ideal ally for physical and sporting activities.

A unique learning experience for our students who worked on the formulation of innovative ideas alongside teachers and a pool of fashion industry experts. The students were included in the Woolmark e-learning center training program with international teachers and testimonials following several webinars with industry experts.

For more information on Three-year Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design, with the release of the First Level Academic Diploma – Bachelor’s Degree, send an email to orientamento@modartech.com or contact us at 0587 58458

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