CAD Shoe Pattern Making Course

Professional course to train a high-level professional figure who works in the design and production of samples, a strategic activity for the creation of a shoes collection.

The course

The course offers the training of a professional figure of high technical level who works in the phases of designing and manufacturing samples, strategic activity for the realization of a collection.

A very sought after profession, a key role for businesses developing and producing shoes, the pattern maker implements and coordinates all the phases throughout the entire industrial chain, from design to creation of the pattern with traditional techniques and through the use of the most modern CAD technologies.
To access the course are required strong motivation and interest in the footwear and fashion industry in general, basic computer skills, preparation for manual and group work.

Lessons on saturday.


Complete equipment for taking the course, in addition to educational materials library, fabrics, liners, leathers, heels, lasts, soles and materials for constructing a shoe and practicing, threads, flat-bed binding machines. Professional software suite for shoemaking (RomansCad), reserved website area, wireless connection.

Career Opportunities

  • shoe pattern maker
  • CAD pattern technician
  • assistant for product development
  • prototyping
  • quality control
  • freelance or employed
Type Professional Course

DURATION 9 months with internship


SCHEDULE Saturday | 9am-1pm


Certification of Professional Training

At selected clothing fashion companies in Italy or abroad (optional).


  • Shoe pattern making
  • Leather commodities
  • Footwear graphic design
  • Collection management
  • CAD
  • Guided tours
  • Internship (optional)

The professional Romans CAD 2D e 3D software suite will be used during the course.



He attended the CAD Shoe Pattern Making Course

Very interesting course: I consider the skills provided very useful. The stage has been essential to see in practice modeling and a cableway for a future job; useful for watching, observing and experimenting what has been learned in the course.


He attended the CAD Shoe Pattern Making Course

I learned to create models of uppers, prototypes of footwear or footwear of my imagination! I learned to understand what I want to do and what I want to live! The shoes! Footwear interests me in all production processes. Fully satisfied with the course.

Horacio (Messico)

He attended the CAD Shoe Pattern Making Course

The course was very interesting and I learned experience and safety to make models. I had a great opportunity in the stage that gave me a growth that I had never imagined. I thank all the teachers and the teaching staff for their support during my studies.

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