Istituto Modartech rewards the talent and creativity of deserving young people with the Scholarships.

Istituto Modartech, center for higher academic and professional training in the Fashion and Communication areas, offers scholarships to reward the talent and passion of young creatives.

The scholarships partially cover the fees for the Three-year Undergraduate Courses in Fashion Design and Communication Design, promoted and organized by the Institute, starting in October. They will be awarded on a merit-based basis, following the presentation of a project by the candidates and the analysis of an Evaluation Commission that will judge the creative proposals, also considering the motivations and the passion of willing to undertake a professional path in the creative disciplines.


The evaluation of the submitted works will be carried out by a special Evaluation Commission which will select the best proposals. On the basis of a motivational interview with the selected candidates, the Commission will – at its sole discretion – establish an evaluation ranking that takes into account the actual merits of the candidate.

The Scholarships will cover up to the 50% of the fees for 2022-23 Undergraduate Courses in Fashion and Communication Design, promoted and organized by the Institute.

FASHION DESIGN | 3 years + internship
Bachelor’s Degree 1st Level Academic Degree

The course for a complete and specialized training of the modern fashion designer, to acquire the skills necessary to translate their creativity and style into fashion collections of clothing, footwear and accessories.

COMMUNICATION DESIGN | 3 years + internship
Bachelor’s Degree 1st Level Academic Degree

The course to acquire full visual, digital and creative skills. From communication mechanisms to the most innovative strategies and techniques of graphics, web design and marketing for an effective, emotional and persuasive communication.


    This call is open to all Italian and foreign citizens who will be in possession of a high school diploma in September, and who have less than 26 years of age on the expiry date of the call. Foreign citizens must demonstrate a good knowledge of the Italian language. Only students who intend to enroll in the first year of the course will be able to participate in the call. Participation is not permitted for candidates who request registration directly for years subsequent to the first.

    Project content

    The assignment of scholarships will take place after the presentation of a creative paper, consistent with the theme proposed by the organizers, which must contain:

    Project presentation:
    – project title
    – brief description of the project idea (min 150 – max 350 words)
    – research (sources of inspiration and creative research must be indicated)

    Creative project:
    – the project can be carried out using the candidate’s preferred representation techniques (for example only: graphic sketch, video, audio, digital drawing, freehand drawing, painting technique etc …). For the preparation of the creative project, the candidate must follow the instructions received from the Institute, which will send the creative brief via email upon specific request.

    How to participate

    The application form must be submitted using the form attached to this announcement which must be received, completed in its entirety, and together with the creative paper, via email to the email address (indicating in the subject : “Surname of the Candidate – Scholarships”).

    The creative work must be presented exclusively using digital formats: PDF, JPG, MP4 with a maximum weight of 5 MB. In the case of files with a heavier weight, it is possible to send the project via WeTransfer.

    1. Launch of Scholarships 2022 and opening of the call
    2. Call closing and submission of projects by 6.00 pm
    3. Communication to the winners

    The creative project must be delivered no later than the deadline date.
    Applications received after this date will not be accepted.

    Further information

    In order to receive the creative brief of the 2022-23 Scholarships Call or to request further information, contact us by entering your details in the form below.