Partner Companies

The constant collaboration with an ever-widening network of companies in the sector allows us to update our courses according to the needs of the market, sometimes anticipating the professional needs of the companies themselves.
Modartech believes in the strenght of cooperation.
Strands agreements and develops relationships with the world of companies and training to offer its students the latest tools and technologies, educational projects, specialist updates, multicultural exchanges and above all opportunities for cultural, professional and personal growth.

Technical Partner

Latest generation tools and technologies

    It is he world leader in CAD technology solutions for the apparel and footwear sectors. Istituto Modartech was granted a Privilege Partnership by Lectra, which has been granted to only a small number of other colleges and universities in all the world.It allows Modartech students to benefit from enormous possibilities in terms of training, multicultural exchanges and market visibility.
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    The global leader in the pen tablets sector, always a pioneer in the development of pens as a data input device for computers, professional tools of the latest generation.
    RomansCad Software is the professional suite for footwear , trademark of Strategies France, in collaboration with STRATEGIE CAD, distributor of innovative CAD, CAM, PDM, PLM, EDP solutions for the footwear, leather goods, furnishing and clothing sectors.
    A recognized design studio with foresight and competence in Footwear Area. Collaboration in: designing lesson plans, alternating job-training and placement, provision of the latest technology, laboratories, leather, fabric and historical shoes archive, library.
    The most innovative international fashion research portal, specialised in women’s footwear and leather goods. For more than a decade ShoesPlanet has been a specialist site dedicated to everything that happens in the footwear system, with correspondents from the major fashion capitals.
    Born from a company in the industrial automation sector for 20 years, the startup is specialized in the production of 3D printers, and implements strictly Italian instruments, in a rapid and simple printing process using intuitive software and different types of printing materials. Collaboration in: providing latest generation technologies and participating in educational projects and workshops.
    One of the best Books at international level on design trends and ideas for footwear and accessories creation, realized by Veronica Solivellas. The Book opens a new era in the way of planning and it’s included in Shoes Planet fashion research portal.
  • SolidThinking – Gruppo ALTAIR
    A company that develops and distributes design and style software for the creation, exploration and assessment of new design concepts. In particular, Evolve is the first software for 3D modeling that operates in a single operating environment and platform for Windows or Mac.
    Piaggio, the Municipal Council of Pontedera and the Provincial Government of Pisa are members of this Foundation, with a “Cultural Project” designed to protect a heritage found nowhere else in the world and which is developed around the international icon of Italian design: the Vespa scooter. Celebrated in the Piaggio Museum and in its vast documentation of teh Historic Archive.
    The Consortium for Industrial Research and Technology Transfer, set up in 1996 as a joint venture between public and private entities, cooperates with Istituto Modartech in promoting and managing innovative design initiatives.
    This prestigious institute is specialised in teaching foreign languages and Italian for foreigners. Based in Pisa it is Modartech’s “languages partner”, teaching technical and basic English to students or providing Italian language modules for the foreign students studying at Modartech.
    Istituto Modartech collaborates for job placement with Moda Research, a company specializing since 1985 in worldwide research and selection, working with the most prestigious names in Italian and international fashion market.
    Pontlab provides multiple laboratory services analysis, testing, measuring and consulting on materials, products and components. It works in innovative and evolving fields and uses modern and sophisticated equipment to develop projects, improve products and provide solutions for research and development.
    The French company, Lumiscaphe, distributed in Italy by Strategie Cad, for more than fifteen years has been developing the rendering and immersion technology in the augmented reality which can be applied to every sector, including the fashion market. Innovative instruments which make the experience of creation and visualization of a product more realistic as possible.

Partner Companies

A network of more than 900 companies

The constant collaboration with an increasingly wide network of companies in the sector and a scientific technical committee made up of leading experts in the field of fashion and communication makes it possible to structure and update training courses according to market needs, responding to specialization requests and anticipating the professional needs of the companies themselves.

Modartech also provides training opportunities for school-work with some local companies, by combining classroom training experience both in companies and professional firms, with the highest levels in learning results.In addition at the end of our training programs we activate customized placements.
Thanks to this policy, 87% of the students find employment on completion of their training courses.

Below is a selection of companies that deal with Institute Modartech in: internshipstrainingdemands for qualified personnel or establishing new collaborations.

School Partners

Specialized training projects, exchange of students and opportunities for visibility

The Istituto Modartech network of partners includes many schools, universities and training institutes, providing for student exchange programmes or special specialist training projects. With attention both to the local area and to additional partnerships with institutes in Italy and abroad, made possible thanks to Modartech’s location in a unique area for Italian fashion.