The organization of the Institute between governing bodies and consultative bodies.

The organization of the Institute between governing bodies and advisory bodies.

Modartech is an Institute of Higher Academic and Vocational Training in the Fashion and Communication sectors authorized by MUR – Ministry of University and Research – to issue academic diplomas, equivalent to the Bachelor’s Degree, within the Higher Artistic and Musical Education sector (AFAM).

Istituto Modartech is also a training agency accredited by the Tuscany Region and certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.


  • The Director
    Represents the Istituto Modartech in all academic and institutional locations, traces the development lines of internal and external activities and characterizes the image of the School. He chairs the Academic Council and defines a guideline for the development of the Institute (Director’s Report). He issues decrees for the organizational and procedural aspects.
  • The Academic Council
    It is chaired by the Director and is made up of 11 members: the Director, 9 teachers or teaching assistants (at least one for each Academic Diploma course) and 1 student . Having seen the Director’s Guidance Act, it defines the development guidelines of the Institute in the field of Didactics, Research and the Third Mission, approves the internal forms, approves the Manifesto of Studies by 30 July of each year, adopts the regulations, approves the changes and reviews them every three years. Resolution on study plans and credit recognition.
  • The Department
    It is made up of all the professors belonging to the Department. Resolution on the educational organization. It designs and develops educational paths, research paths, projects for the enhancement of the Institute in the area, internship paths.
  • The Student Council
    It is made up of three members and is elected annually by the students representing each class. It elaborates proposals, requests and suggestions to be submitted to the Institute’s bodies, identifies its own representative on the Academic Council. Appointment Decree
  • The Evaluation Unit
    It is a body that has a three-year duration and analyzes the Institute’s data on the basis of the Director’s report. It prepares the annual evaluation report and sends it to the MIUR. It expresses opinions, when requested, on the acts of the other decision-making bodies.
  • The Scientific Technical Committee
    It has the task of improving the information framework on the needs of professionalism in the labor market in the reference areas of the Institute’s courses and of formalizing the comparison with Parties that, although external to the Institute, are bearers of interests in the training products, highlighting, in particular, the needs and requirements expressed by the world of the profession and by the socio-economic context in which the courses of the Institute are inserted. It is chaired by the Scientific Director and is composed of a teacher, the student representative of the Academic Council and the representatives of the Bodies identified by a specific decree of the Director.