The twenty-eighth edition of the “Mittelmoda – The Fashion Award” competition, the contest for emerging designers who bring outfits from schools and fashion academies from all over the world to the Milanese catwalk.
Among the finalists Camilla Mannini, student of the Fashion Design Course which, with its collection “Under the same sky”, enchanted the jury made up of companies and professionals in the sector.The project was born from the designer’s passion for the world of stars, the zodiac and the cosmos, combined with her love for art, drawing inspiration from the painting of “The Vault of Heaven” in the Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola.
The constellations, the moon and the sun influence many aspects of man’s life.
Camilla develops, through her collection, the fact that since the dawn of time, everything is born, grows and dies “under the same sky ”.

The soft fabrics, the light and delicate color palette, the genderless shapes make this collection elegant and incisive at the same time.
The collection is enriched with bags and footwear that fully respect the contemporary soul and minimal aesthetics of the styles of the clothes.
And it is Camilla who wins the “Bags and shoes” Award of the prestigious competition.

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