Clothing Pattern Making – Women’s Coats | Online

Course to acquire advanced skills in the design of increasingly complex women's clothing.

Discover online how to create advanced patterns for Women’s Coat

The Course

Those who already have an intermediate level in pattern making and sewing will be able to acquire advanced skills in designing of ever more increasingly complex women’s apparel such as a coat. Thanks to this course, the student will be able to delve into the heart of pattern making, complete in every detail. Some necessary aspects in the realization of the clothing will also be addressed: degree of wearability and choice of the fabric suited for each project, how and when to use interfacing, knowledge of the many finishings and attention to details for the best apparel output.

In addition to providing skills effective in fashion business and artisans’ workshops, the course can be completed thanks to a specialization in the use of CAD, for a more practical professional growth.


The course is for those that have basic skills in pattern making and sewing, and wish to increase their technical level in the realization of women’s clothing patterns making.

Educational programme

  • Creation of a basic bodice pattern for coats
  • Calculation of the wearability of a coat
  • Study of the overlap: double-breasted/single-breasted
  • Construction of a specific type of coat: woman jacket
  • Study of some types of sleeves for coats
  • Construction of some types of collars for coats: shawl collar, men’s type lapel collar
  • Study of the insides: finishings, linings, interfacing of a jacket
  • Finishings and details for woman coats

Tools and material provided to students

Live sessions with Fashion professionals, multimedia educational material, practical exercises, live chat with students, personalized counselling.

TYPE Online Course

DURATION 2 weeks


TIMETABLE Tue and Fri | 2.30pm-5pm



Degree awarded:
Attendance certificate, with accreditation of acquired skills.
(possibility of earning 1 university credit)

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Material and tools needed

  • Computer with updated operational system
  • Chrome web-browser (Firefox, Safari)
  • Microphone (external microphone or headphones with microphone)
  • Headphones or headset
  • Webcam
  • Internet connection (ADSL / 4g / Optical fibre) – [min. band recommended 3 Mb/s]
  • Modelling kit for hands-on training exercises*

*The kit is composed of: white 80 g paper, tissue paper for pattern making, tailor’s tape measure, staples, pins, grey canvas for prototype, 30 cm set square, 60 cm ruler, French curve, pencil, rubber, paper tape.

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