Modartech Fashion Film “The Values”

The collections of Modartech talents on the Milan Fashion Week catwalk during Fashion Graduate Italia 2020.

After the preview of the Digital Fashion Show, Istituto Modartech participates in Milan Fashion Week with the Fashion Film “The Values” during Fashion Graduate Italia 2020 | Digital edition, an event promoted by the Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda in collaboration with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

On the catwalk, the collections designed by the Graduates of the Triennial Post Diploma Course in Fashion Design. Outfits that interpret the values of the Institute between Craftsmanship and Heritage, Technology and Innovation, Sustainability and Social Responsibility, Diversity and Inclusion that become fundamental elements that contribute to developing a critical awareness and attentive to contemporaneity.

Modartech Graduate Collection


Serena Carpita

During the first industrial revolution William Blake denounced the exploitation of child chimney sweeps, in a dualism between good and evil. The collection aims to represent a strong cry aimed at denouncing disrespectful attitudes towards nature, where man must find a balance with the earth and live in symbiosis with the environment. Focus on entirely sustainable materials: hemp fabrics, bamboo, needle-punched Massese sheep’s wool, alpaca fiber knits, recycled fabrics and denim, sustainable colors using vegetable charcoal and rock alum, dyeing and handmade knitwear, prints with high-performance inks water.

#Handmade #Recycle #Sustainability

Giro Mondo

Martina Facente

The destination of the journey is men: from “L’infinito viaggio” by Claudio Magris the collection embraces different cultures with fabrics and patterns that travel around the world.
Lands, colours, stories, values meet in a imaginative and ironic game where diversity becomes the protagonist of a multicultural collection that involves the whole world with a journey through fabrics: from Japanese printed silk, to Scottish tartan, to French stripes.
Focus on entirely sustainable or recycled materials with natural and animal fibres.

#Diversity&Inclusion #Sustainability

Side effect

Gemma Roventini

The malaise of our time, the need to want to express one’s being where positive feelings alternate with moments of confusion and disorder.
The collection aims to express the dark side of each of us where art and drawing give voice to what cannot be expressed with words and where dark colors reign supreme, broken up by contrasting white tones and touches of red, symbols of rebirth.
Focus on the fabrics decorated with hand-painted paintings on the garments, seen as an untouched canvas, and on the needling processes.

#Diversity&lnclusion #Craftmanship

Look Over

Giulia Barbieri

The attention to the themes of cultural plurality and integration are reflected in the garments of the collection.
Outfits that are inspired by the “Prada Mode” and at the same time recall the jazz and blues atmosphere of 20th century Harlem where the first black artists and writers emerged during the era of prohibition and speakeasies. A collection that enhances freedom and artistic and cultural uniqueness. Focus on wool fabrics, with various checks and mix and match. Craftsmanship and refinement through knitwear, crochet and leather accessories entirely handmade and application of thermo-adhesive labels.

#Diversity&Inclusion #Handwork

Lily Miriam

Silvana Giglio

Once upon a time there was Miriam, a courageous, strong and independent girl with a passion for flowers who became the muse of the collection.
A spring without borders that lights up garments with bright colors and floral patterns and where craftsmanship combines with sportswear. The lily dominates the heads, as a symbol of purity of mind. Focus on handmade crochet embroidery and floral applications, prints with water-based inks, natural colors and paintings on taffeta made on sustainable or recycled fabrics.

#Handwork #Sustainability

Handmade Dreams

Alice Audisio

A collection that pays homage to cinema: from the filmography of director Federico Fellini through Cinecittà, Hollywood and Bollywood. A journey of shapes and colors that recall the atmospheres of “La Dolce Vita” passing through the colors and lights of India between hybridization and decontextualization of shapes and materials.
Sportswear collection with a vintage flavor characterized by technical materials and soft silhouettes. Focus on handmade embroidery, prints, research into materials and footwear reinterpreted and personalized by hand.

#Heritage #Craftmanship #Recycle


Federica Barsetti

Mana as inner strength, as gender diversity and inclusion.
Functional unisex garments that mix technology and innovation and take inspiration from the rigor of work uniforms with an androgynous and military style.
Aesthetics gives way to functionality with clear geometries, cuts and colours.
Focus on the research of sustainable, recyclable, long-lasting materials and ultra-technological accessories aimed at increasing tactile perception, to break down every physical barrier.

#Technology&Innovation #Inclusion #Unisex


Laura Galli

The strength and archaic elegance of the African Masai culture, in a message of diversity, inclusion and responsibility towards the world we live in. The jewels, stoles and accessories pay homage to the Kenyan people, strong and dynamic women and men who make respect for the environment a life mission. Proposals that recall the colors and archaic elegance of African culture and that mix materials from near and far cultures. Focus on fabrics, accessories, handmade embroidery starting from materials coming from Kenya and the villages of the capital Nairobi, in contrast with color-block technical fabrics and urban accessories.

#Responsibility #Diversity&Inclusion #Sustainability


Clarissa Di Renzone

Witches, evil practices, the occult and black magic to represent the unfortunately current issue of violence against women. Monochromatic proposals in total black that are inspired by esotericism, recalling dark knowledge and negative values, contrasted with white and gold touches of light.
Knitwear, embroidery and painted elements, all entirely handmade.
Focus on eco-friendly materials and accessories, such as organic veg leather made from corn and cereals, wadding made from plastic bottles and totally organic yarns.

#Handmade #Sustainability #Responsibility

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