Professional Courses

For those who want to develop specific technical-practical skills in the fashion and communication area. Courses last not more than one year, and are characterized by an essentially practical didactics, equipped laboratories and sector-specific technologies, and internship.

Professional Web & Graphic Design Course

Web & Graphic Design Course

Annual course that allows you to acquire highly interesting skills, training professionals able to design and create websites, manage social media, web apps and videos.

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CAD Apparel Pattern Making Professional Course

CAD Apparel Pattern Making Course

Annual course that allows you to acquire skills in pattern making technique and apparel planning skills, starting from the preparation of the pattern to developing CAD software skills (Lectra).

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Professional course CAD Shoe Pattern Making

CAD Shoe Pattern Making Course

Professional course to train a high-level professional figure who works in the design and production of samples, a strategic activity for the creation of a shoes collection.

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CAD Bags and Leather Goods Pattern Making Course

Course that consents to acquire specialized technical skills in the pattern making field, integrating design proposals with production needs.

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Professional course Pattern-Making and Haute Couture

Pattern-Making And Haute Couture Course

The most complete pattern making and haute couture course to learn the artisan techniques of dressmaking, learn to create unique garments to see your creativity come to life.

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