4.0 Design for innovative user experience

A special meeting to discover innovative solutions in the world of photorealistic, real-time 3D rendering.

Real objects alongside virtual contents, digital contents that interact with products, and immersive visualization solutions in the meeting “Design 4.0 for an innovative user experience” held last week at the Modartech Institute.

In the presence of a reserved number of company representatives from different sectors from robotics to footwear to the automotive and design market, a round table was held to highlight the multiple potentials of the Lumiscaphe product distributed by Italian company StrategieCad. Through a LIVE presentation, the futuristic possibilities of the French company’s suite of applications were illustrated, an interactive and intuitive technology that allows the transformation of any CAD model into a real-time rendering, incredibly realistic, shared and usable through various commonly used communication devices. A predictive approach that reduces the time needed to perfect the product design and communication cycle at all levels. A unique opportunity to learn about a highly innovative method of animation, immersion and augmented reality, adopting configurators, digital mockups, 3D renderings and discovering the areas of application. From design, development and production, to marketing and sales. Speaker: Marco Casali CEO of Strategie Cad S.r.l. He introduced the Lumiscaphe company, founded in 2001 and today a leader in the Industrial Automotive and Fashion sector, a company based in Bordeaux in France where 35 engineers develop an excellent solution in terms of configurators and 3D rendering with processing in real time, immediately transferable on the Web with models of appearance, kinematics and animation that reaches the highest level of augmented reality with the CAVE project. Its solutions are adopted by several large companies in the automotive, leather goods, footwear, fashion accessories, aeronautics and naval sectors. Among the main clients: Renault, PSA, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Maruska, Accor Mercure …