Sustainable Fashion Starting on April 2025

The 1st level Master's degree recognized by the MUR represents a training course perfectly in line with the essential needs of the fashion sector, to design and produce fashion according to the most advanced sustainability concepts.

The Master

Istituto Modartech presents a high level training course with the award of a 1st level Master’s degree recognized by the MUR – Ministry of University and Research, aimed at training profiles of fashion designer in possession of those skills in the field of economic, social and environmental sustainability that allow the creation of sustainable luxury fashion products.

A path aimed at preparing future design professionals, capable of designing and managing collections and production processes of garments with low environmental impact, enhancing materials, processes, resources, sales and communication chains focused on the principles of sustainability in all its meanings, to thus undertake a vast range of professional careers in line with one’s skills with a focus on the themes of sustainable fashion and responsible innovation while also knowing how to move within the complex context of certifications.

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