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The figure of the Apparel pattern maker with CAD use skills is absolutely the most sought after by fashion companies and plays a central role between the creative office and production.

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The Course

The use of CAD technology is by now a fundamental element in the clothing designing. The programme permits to realize the models, develop the clothing sizes, and has many other functions, reducing the margin of errors and speeding the design procedures, even at a distance.

This is why the Clothing Pattern Making professional with skills in the use of CAD is absolutely the most required person in the fashion companies, a key profession that permits to translate the designer’s ideas into concrete products, a central role between creative and production office.


The course is thought for all of those that want to specialize in the use of CAD technology for the creation of clothing patterns and their industrialization. It is necessary to have proven skills of traditional pattern making and familiarity with the computer.

Educational programme

  • The CAD technology: CAD in the industrial context
  • Creation of one’s own workstation
  • Industrialization of the patterns: seam allowance, notches, and holes
  • Speed up keys and use of the most common lines/forms
  • Pattern symmetry function
  • Modification of the basis and saving
  • Survey of the many pieces that are part of the pattern model: extraction
  • Control of pattern model, assembly functions
  • Creation of a variant for automatic cloth sizing
  • Establishing a cutting plan and main functions of clothing size development

Tools and material provided to students

Live sessions with Fashion professionals, multimedia educational material, practical exercises, live chat with students, personalized counselling.

TYPE Online Course

DURATION 4 weeks


TIMETABLE Twice a week



Degree awarded:
Attendance certificate, with accreditation of acquired skills.
(possibility of earning 1 university credit)

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Material and tools needed

  • Computer with updated operational system
  • Chrome web-browser (Firefox, Safari)
  • Microphone (external microphone or headphones with microphone)
  • Headphones or headset
  • Webcam
  • Internet connection (ADSL / 4g / Optical fibre) – [min. band recommended 3 Mb/s]
  • Software CAD Lectra Modaris (provided by Istituto Modartech)*

*We recommend checking the minimum computer requirements for the installation of the CAD software.

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