5 sources of inspiration for the stylist

Searching for inspirational muses from which stylists draw for the creation of their collections is not easy at all: what is a stylist inspired by?

The models that line the catwalks of the biggest fashion cities are original, refined and amazing.
In all the parades, behind each exit, many references, ideas and similarities are hidden.

The creation of a fashion collection consists largely of the search for a source of inspiration able to offer the stylist the cue to awaken his creative flair.
Searching for the inspirational muses from which stylists draw for the creation of their collections is not easy at all: stylists are creative and the whole world around them can be a source of stimuli.
The stylist is attentive, curious and responsive; he brings with him a wide cultural background and from this background he draws stimuli and creative inputs for his collections.

However, one wonders: what is a designer inspired by to create a collection?

History of Fashion

It may seem trivial but the first source of inspiration for the stylist is fashion itself. The stylist follows the fashion shows and designers paying attention to the colors, shades and evolutions year after year. Also very important are the fashion archives, real “museums” of style in which clothes and accessories from all eras until today are kept. It is precisely by studying clothes, jackets, accessories and fabrics from past eras that new collections and fashion trends are born.


The arts have always influenced each other, exchanging images, shapes, concepts and ideas. The link between fashion and art is getting closer as it emerges from splendid dresses on the catwalk inspired by pictorial or architectural currents.

Fashion has always celebrated art in every shapes and colors, just think of Jill Sander’s cubist inspiration, Iceberg’s Pop Art-inspired collections, Roberto Cavalli’s neo-baroque decorations or the art deco appeal of the Gucci collection.



The designer’s creative process is the result of continuous research.
There are real tools intended for creatives and designers to orient themselves in the future.
The trend notebooks, collections of materials from the fashion trend forecasts, colors and shapes, offer precious creative ideas.
Exceptional sources of inspiration are also the sector fairs; reference events of the fashion system where innovations and previews are at home, real windows on the fashion of the future and moment of great inspiration for fashion designers.

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Life Style

The designer is curious by nature; he loves exploring new places and environments to catch ever new trends and styles.
The ideas of the stylist can come from the street, from the different international popular cultures.

The world itself is a source of inspiration, from nature to urban reality, in everything that surrounds him the designer is looking for new styles, shapes, materials and colors to design new lines of fashion products.



Materials and fabrics are not only the tangible product of creative ideas. On the contrary, it may be these that stimulate fashion designers.
Not only usual fabrics and leathers but more and more experimentation on new fabrics and new materials recyclable and unusual characterize the collections of the designers.

A research that seems to have roots in tradition to push into the future, almost touching high tech.

Inspiration is therefore fundamental to stimulate the designer’s creative flair, but it is not enough. The designer has a solid background that allows him to transform the ideas he grasps from the world around him into models and creations.

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