8 tips for effective Web Design

Creating a professional website is the goal of the web designer. Let's see 8 tips to create an attractive, easy to use, engaging and effective one.

A website that produces results is the result of careful planning.
In designing an effective and pleasant website there are basic web design concepts to keep in mind.

Web design aims to improve the user experience by making browsing more interactive and intuitive. The designer must therefore pay attention to the user experience needs; creativity must not affect the impact on the usability of the site.

Designing an effective website means working taking into consideration the message you want to communicate and to whom it is addressed; all elements from colors, fonts to graphic styles must be in line with these aspects.
There are no magic tricks for creating an effective and interesting website, however there are precautions that can help.

Let’s see together 8 tips for creating an attractive, easy to use, engaging and effective website.

1) Goal

The first step in creating an effective website is the definition of the goals behind its construction.

An effective web design addresses the needs of users: entertainment, interaction, search for a specific product or business.

The website must have a clear purpose behind it to meet the specific needs of users.


The online market offers great opportunities but at the same time it is extremely complex and multifaceted, characterized by constant competition.

Precisely for this reason it is necessary to know the competitors, to study their strengths and weaknesses to understand what are the elements that work and those that can instead be improved.

For the construction of an effective website it is essential to define the target of audience that the site wants to reach in order to develop a tool that is in line with the needs and requirements of the typical customer.


The logo is the first distinctive feature of each brand. Few strokes and colors convey an idea to those who visit the pages.

It is essential to be original, but without losing sight of the context.

The design of the entire web page must communicate with the logo.


The key word is simplicity. A simple, clean and clear site, a linear layout make navigation clearer and smoother.

Fonts play a very important role for the effectiveness of the website; they give personality and emphasis to communication, however not all fonts are easily readable on all operating systems.

We therefore recommend the use of standard fonts universally supported and easy to read.

An important consideration to keep in mind when designing the site is to make limited use of different fonts; too many fonts give the site an impression of disorder that must be avoided.


A website needs to be easy to read and enjoyable, so care should be taken when processing colors.

A well thought out color palette can do a lot to improve the user experience of using the website.

The site design must not appear chaotic and for this reason it is necessary to dose visual stimuli.
In the use of colors it is important to pay attention to the symbolism, a wrong color can have an incorrect connotation in the mind of users.
Do not underestimate the importance of the white space , effective for giving the site a modern and uncluttered look.


An image says more than a thousand words… That is why the choice of images becomes fundamental when building a website.
The images (which must have a good quality and be beautiful) and the videos help the site to stand out and not go unnoticed.
The choice of images must be relevant to the contents and illustrate them clearly and effectively.


Today more and more web user interaction has gone from a click to a tap.
Horizontal website navigation is giving way to vertical navigation due to the growing use of smartphones.

Access to the website takes place with different devices and, therefore, screens of different sizes. Adopting a responsive design model (which creates an intelligent website, flexible and automatically adaptable to the various platforms) has therefore become an imperative; a new design method that relates the site to the device that displays it.

Web design con il CMS WordPress


Content is the main part of a site that must be designed to manage it and make it find quickly and clearly.
The content of the site must be well done, useful, easy to read, original and constantly updated.
text formatting plays a very important role because it helps facilitate reading. It is important to break down the text into short paragraphs, to organize it clearly and linearly through titles and subtitles that help the user to identify the topic sought.

The design of a website is a multifaceted and complex activity which must take into account multiple rules and tricks. Behind the construction of a website there are necessary principles and techniques to know.
The web designer is a professional who has unique skills and knowledge. To become a web designer, therefore, a specialist training course is important.

Istituto Modartech offers advanced training courses for the complete and specialized development of the necessary skills.
The professional course “Web & Graphic Design” of Istituto Modartech, through the structured study program including final internship in companies in the sector, it will give students the opportunity for a full immersion in the heart of the creative processes, in close contact with professionals and web designers, thus confronting the operational characteristics of the profession.

In the absence of an adequate level of paper graphics skills, a more complete course with the three-year course is recommended “Communication Design” to develop a wide range of skills, in order to design coordinated communication campaigns, combining the ability to use the most effective professional software and tools, also a knowledge of the most modern communication mechanisms, in addition to on and off line techniques to increase company visibility.

For more information on the educational offer of Istituto Modartech send an email to orientamento@modartech.com

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