Alessandra Caroti triumphs with her “Shameless Skin” collection at CNA FEDERMODA.

The young designer wins the CNA Federmoda award in the leather goods and footwear section in Altaroma.

On the last day of Altaroma, the catwalk lit up with the final fashion show of the thirty-second edition of the National Young Designers Fashion Profession Competition.

The competition, organized by CNA Federmoda since 1991, offers young people the opportunity to enter the world of fashion and businesses to draw on new creative lymph.

The 28 finalists experienced an intense workshop program and underwent the examination of the jury of experts to then have the opportunity to see their creations paraded within the Altaroma program.

The designer Alessandra Caroti of the third year of the Modartech Institute’s Fashion Design course wins the “Leather and Footwear” award awarded by Piergiovanni Vitalini of Forza Giovane.

Alessandra Caroti, who arrived in the final with two of her colleagues, Nicole Lepori and Carlotta Citi, brought the values ​​of acceptance of imperfections, the celebration of being unique by embracing strengths and weaknesses. The “Shameless Skin” collection was born from the pain and acceptance process that the designer herself experienced.

In the era of aesthetic perfection, beauty at any cost, the collection is based on recycling and the acceptance of defects.

Three features make the collection absolutely one of a kind:

To make the garments, flaked leathers, also called waste leathers, were used. Leathers that would not have been selected for traditional production, due to their defects.

Another important material in the collection is cotton, honeycomb, a completely natural non-blended fabric.

Wine, natural clay and coffee are the elements used to make the colors of trousers, t-shirts and outerwear. They were chosen for their double utility: they are also products used for skincare.