Being a dreamer is not enough, we must lower the dream into the reality of the brand

Interview with Claudio Orrea, president of the Patrizia Pepe brand.

Interview with Claudio Orrea, president of Patrizia Pepe.

Aware of the power of new media but with an eye to the visionary dreams that each designer must have (in the drawer and not only). Claudio Orrea, president of the brand Patrizia Pepe, with who Istituto Modartech has been collaborating for some time, told the secrets – if they exist – to work successfully in the fashion world and revealed the relationship between the Florentine brand and social media 3.0.

1. What, if any, is the secret of success for a fashion brand?

I believe there are more reasons for success, if by success we mean something that lasts over time. Among these, a good balance between current things and proposals anticipating trends, quality and the correct relationship with the price, coherence with the stylistic figures of the brand.

2. For a brand like Patrizia Pepe, are “virtual shop windows” of social media, as important nowadays, as important as the “physical shop windows” of stores?

They are both important because they reach the consumer in two different moments, but the aim is to show and create the desire to get in touch with the brand and therefore with the product.

3. How has the fashion system changed with the advent of social media?

After years of “usual things”, those of social and digital are a beautiful revolution that pushes the system to think again. Through social media you can understand if you are doing well or if you are doing something wrong, sometimes when you make a mistake you are also pointed out with “violence”.

4. What are the three characteristics that a good fashion designer must have in the third millennium?

For me, three important aspects in a fashion designer are: being a visionary dreamer who manages to realize what he imagines; To lower the dream in the characteristics of the brand; Be attentive to what is happening around him.

5. How important are partnerships for Patrizia Pepe like the one started with Istituto Modartech that allow students to come into direct contact with the business world?

Collaborations with the various institutes are very important for us because they trigger a virtuous circle of exchange of knowledge and valuable experiences for all.

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