Creative ADV for the capsule collection of Peuterey

Project carried out by the students of the three-year course Communication Design in collaboration with Peuterey.

Knowing how to communicate today means moving in a constantly changing world.

The new communication designers need to acquire new skills and constantly update themselves by experimenting with languages, visuals and strategies in line with market demands.

Istituto Modartech allows students to acquire skills in step with the changes of the sector thanks to up-to-date and specialized professors, it also constantly promotes dialogue, collaboration and synergy between the fashion and communication areas that characterize the Institute with its Fashion Design and Communication Design courses, giving life to project work with leading companies in the sector.

This is the case of the “ADV Project”, a communication project carried out by the students of the three-year course Communication Design in collaboration with the sportwear brand Peuterey, always looking for excellence in the performance of the materials and the functionality of the details and with a constant review of its corporate image by experimenting with communication strategies and innovative channels.

The challenge launched to young creatives involved the creation of a communication campaign for the launch of the new capsule collection, a project work carried out by young students of Fashion Design in collaboration with Peuterey.

Every communication student has accepted this challenge by bringing into play method and creativity.

For the offline communication of the collection, billboard graphics have been developed in urban spaces such as panels, touch screen totems and video projections. Paper materials such as brochures, catalogs and graphics for magazines have also been produced.

For online communication the students have designed a web design strategy, created an ad hoc advertising spot and thought up a social media marketing strategy aimed at the chosen target, focusing in particular on the Instagram channel with contests and events linked to the launch of the chosen capsule collection.

For more information on the Communication Design write to: or contact us directly on 0587 58458.

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