The importance of the bond between man and nature and the ecological attention are the concepts behind the haute couture collections of the leading designer of green fashion Tiziano Guardini, guest in the laboratories of Istituto Modartech during a masterclass held for the students of the Fashion Design Course, ready to develop their own collections.

1. What concepts is your fashion philosophy based on?

Fashion gives me the opportunity to express myself, it is an artistic concept and a very powerful vehicle of expression in which I can experiment, observe and transform reality. The pillars on which my fashion philosophy is based are the concepts of genderless, sustainability, timeless and reconnection with nature.

2. What does sustainability mean for you?

Circular economy is the ability to celebrate the sacredness of life by returning to harmony with nature and with our planet, it is a generalized awakening that connects all men by creating harmony, a drive to produce with respect for the planet by pursuing circular references, imagining waste as something that generates new life. Everyone in the world can dress in a sustainable way, bringing benefits to the environment and to others.

Hence the inspiration for my ECOuture creations made of innovative and compatible fabrics such as: bio-nylon, made from castor oil, furs created with pine needles, regenerated cotton, non-violent silk and regenerated wool from the Prato district.
Sustainability also means supporting activities that operate at a sustainable level, which is the reason I try to involve the key districts that promote Made in Italy such as that of Prato.

3. How do you apply the concept of ecouture in fashion?

The element of nature is present in all my creations: my models dress in nature itself. I won the Green Carpet Fashion Award with a dress made of non-violent indigo-dyed silk adorned with sequins made with iridescent mussel shells, nylon regenerated by fishing nets, worked and lasered.

My creations were also protagonists of the Sustainable Week during the Milan Fashion Week, where I presented unique and unrepeatable pieces in which the concept of waste is eliminated, totally extraneous to the environment. Polo shirts, t-shirts and trousers in eco nylon, organic cotton, unwashed and uncolored denim, organic cotton and regenerated wool sweatshirts. Here, too, I emphasized ecological attention and making it a philosophy of life as deeply rooted as possible.

4. A message for tomorrow’s creatives?

Don’t be afraid to change direction and look for new solutions.
Be yourself and commit to studying and applying the concepts of sustainability, putting ecological solutions in your creations. Never forget the knowledge of treatments, fabrics and filaments, their origin and their impact on the environment.
The principles on which to base your work of tomorrow? Research, respect and fun.

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