Interview with Alex Albini, CEO of Showmates

Showmates, a young and propulsive company with headquarters in Florence and Milan, is specialized in providing products and services for companies that work in the footwear and leather goods sector. We have interviewed Alex Albini, CEO of Showmates and partner of Istituto Modartech, with whom he has been collaborating for some time.

1. What advice would you give to a young creative that starts its journey today in the fashion business?

The advice is to always feed creativity with input coming from the outside. The boundaries between the sectors are increasingly blurred and a creative has to be able to “pick” from different worlds to be able to have a vision as heterogeneous as possible.

Reading, studying, learning languages, having interests and a multi-faceted culture, working in companies of different types and sizes allows you to accumulate experience and develop a critical awareness. The one who survives is the one who adapts, not the strongest.

2. Showmates has been collaborating for some time with Istituto Modartech: How much are important relationships of this kind between companies and academic training institutes?

Modartech, thanks to the experiences that offers to its students, is an accelerator for the entry of talents into a company. The Institute has applied a more pragmatic Anglo-Saxon approach to the reality of our country.

It is a current reality that offers a real collaboration between the academic world and the business world, which makes the impact for those entering the world of work less traumatic.

3. Is a complete training sufficient to be competitive at work?

As in all things, common sense is needed. The academic world and the world of work are not enough. The academic world opens your mind and gives you a method, but then you need a practical approach and lots of experience in the field to do well a job. The two things must go hand in hand.

Education is not an end: if a good grade does not turn into a modus operandi, it is worth very little.

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