Fashion or communication world: 7 tips for choosing the right training

How to choose the most suitable training institute.

Entering the world of fashion or communication is the dream of many young people. But where to start? How to choose the most suitable training institute, which is the gateway to finding the desired job? With what criteria to evaluate it? Here are 7 tips on how to choose the right school for you:

1. The direct relationship with companies

An institute can offer perfect training, but the link with companies is equally fundamental.

Internships and experiences in companies are the first contact with the world of work and guarantee the possibility of realizing all that has been learned on a theoretical level.

Furthermore, educational visits to companies, fairs and events are opportunities to get in touch with experts otherwise difficult to reach.

2. Advanced laboratories, equipment and teaching

Those who work in the world of training must always keep up with the times. For this reason it is important that an institute has updated machinery, technologies and software, useful for acquiring specialist skills that can be spent in a working context.

It is also very useful to participate in the Open Days to visit schools, get to know the teachers, the team and the students and above all to have a first impact with the classrooms, laboratories and classrooms that could become a second home in the coming years.

3. The teachers’ curriculum is an added value

The quality of the teaching staff is an essential element, which must be studied in depth before choosing a course.

As in other sectors, work experience is a plus that should not be underestimated: if a teacher has worked with brands and fashion companies, he will certainly be able to direct students towards the skills required by the world of work, and to give original content and practical examples.

4. Ex-students, what are they doing today?

It can be useful to inquire about the working positions of the former students and understand if they have managed to get in touch with fashion companies, if they have obtained recognition in the sector contests and what type of work they do.

Even more interesting are the feedback and reviews from these students and the companies they now work for.

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6. Inquire as much as possible and compare different training offers

You need a lot of patience to find the right training for you: you should not be persuaded by flyers, advertisements or the advice of your friend.

It is necessary to learn more by participating in the public events of the school, consulting the website, the information materials and above all requesting individual interviews with the guidance managers. Who better than tutors can answer all questions and doubts?

7. Follow your attitudes

Above all, what matters is doing a job we like. Choosing to want to pursue a career because it is the current trend or because you think you can earn a lot of money will not give positive results.

Passion, dedication and attitude are the ingredients for success.