The Course

Among the professions that characterize the fashion world, a very wide and varied sector, that of the stylist is surely the most interesting and unusual one.
A person that exemplifies and enhances the designer’s vision, adding appeal through aesthetical choices that transmit a distinctive stlye, promoting the apparel of a collection in the best way in view of a fashion show, of a commercial campaign, of a promotional event or of the presence on social media.

The course aims to provide knowledge of the work of this professional who collaborates closely with stylists, editors and celebrities. Learning to organize creative projects with photographers, models, locations, accessory and scene object providers and acquiring the capacity to communicate the soul of a garment, answering to commercial or creative briefings, telling the story with a unique and original style.
At the end, you will also be able to create a stylistic digital portfolio composed of images and materials supporting the concept at base.


This course is for all of those interested in getting to know the styling sector, acquiring skills, visual communication and imaging techniques in a practical way. It is ideal for those that want to start to know the styling world, as well as for designers and communicators that want to increase their own skills.
No drawing skills are required.

Educational programme

  • Role of the stylist
  • The most influential stylists in the fashion industry
  • 150 years of glamour
  • The conceptual research, the interpretation of tendencies, the storyboard
  • The team: photographers, models, location, accessory and scene object providers
  • Stylist in the publishing, commercial, and movie field, fashion show, personal stylist
  • The publishing photograph (storytelling, wardrobe, editing and composition)
  • Exercises: mini stylistic portfolio in the digital era

Tools and material provided to students

Live sessions with professionals, multimedia educational material, lesson recordings, practical exercises, live chat with students, personalized counseling.

TYPE Online Course

DURATION 2 weeks


TIMETABLE Mon and Thu | 3pm-5pm


Basic – intermediate

Degree awarded:
Attendance certificate, with accreditation of acquired skills.

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Material and tools needed

  • Computer with updated operational system
  • Chrome web-browser (Firefox, Safari)
  • Microphone (external microphone or headphones with microphone)
  • Headphones or headset
  • Webcam
  • Internet connection (ADSL / 4g / Optical fibre) – [min. band recommended 3 Mb/s
  • Smarthone camera
  • Selfie stick


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