Become an expert in digital communication images techniques

The Course

Management and elaboration techniques of photographs and of digital images are the base of modern communication for advertisement, marketing, and social networks. Even if today the procedures seem to have been simplified, the theory and technique of acquisition, composition and photo editing are nonetheless technically challenging and in this guided course Adobe Photoshop for the management of digital image will be used.

By the end of the course, the student will have developed the ability to regulate, compose, edit, retouch the digital images and produce appropriate files for the press and videos, and suitable to be used on the web and on social networks, acquiring in a practical, easy and immediate way the tools, techniques and guide lines to develop in the course during the lessons and of the exercises.


The course is for all of those that have interest in the graphic, communication, and social network sectors, and that want to acquire concrete skills. Basic knowledge is not required, but only the usual use of the computer.

Educational programme

  • Digital images and their formats (RAW, JPG, TIF)
  • Digital images acquisition from photo camera and/or smartphone
  • Quality images in the web
  • Composition and regulation of light and colours
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Corrective and artistic image processing
  • Optimization for the press, web, and social networks

Tools and material provided to students

Live sessions with Fashion professionals, multimedia educational material, practical exercises, live chat with students, personalized counselling.

TYPE Online Course

DURATION 3 weeks


TIMETABLE Wed and Fri | 11am-1pm


Basic – intermediate

Degree awarded:
Attendance certificate, with accreditation of acquired skills.

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Material and tools needed

  • Computer with updated operational system
  • Chrome web-browser (Firefox, Safari)
  • Microphone (external microphone or headphones with microphone)
  • Headphones or headset
  • Webcam
  • Internet connection (ADSL / 4g / Optical fibre) – [min. band recommended 3 Mb/s]
  • Software Adobe Photoshop CC

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