How long does it take to become a fashion designer?

Are you dreaming of a career in Fashion and wondering how long does it take to become a fashion designer?

Understanding which skills you need to learn it’s such an important part in the process for becoming a successful fashion designer. Most of the skills can be learnt at school and enhanced with daily practice and experience. Attending a good Fashion School, is surely the first step to take: during your time at school you will learn crucial new skills that will prepare you for a career within the industry. You will learn from academics and professionals who have first-hand experience and knowledge that will better prepare you practically and theoretically to take succeed in the world of fashion. It isn’t easy A certified qualification in fashion gives you an unmatched advantage to get into the industry..

If you are already a graduate you might consider attending a Master in Fashion, but if you have just finished the high school then get a bachelor’s degree in fashion is surely the best choice

Ready to start your journey? Read more about our 3-year Fashion design bachelor’s degree.


A Fashion design bachelor’s degree usually lasts 3 or 4 years; to be admitted to such course, you need to have completed the high school. A bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design or Footwear Design can eventually be followed by a Master.

Internships are also essential to gain field experience and to become part of the industry network. Prestigious schools offer their students mentorship programs, design contests and exhibition opportunities to get their work noticed on an international level.

Our Fashion design bachelor’s degree starts every year in October and our admission counselors suggest starting your admission process well ahead, so to enhance your chances to be admitted. You might get prepared attending some drawing classes and studying Italian.


Working in the fashion industry can really be one of the most satisfactory jobs in the world. If you are talented, passionate about designing, style, trends and ready to explore your creativity, then fashion design can be a great career for you. One of the great things about the fashion industry, is the wide range of job opportunities beyond becoming a designer. Trend researchers, product developers, export managers, buyers, pattern-makers, are just some of the professional roles involved in the fashion industry. Choosing your speciality can define your career success.

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