How to Become a Cool Hunter

The Cool Hunter observes and documents new trends, captures inspirations and provides insights helping companies move in the right direction.

What will be in fashion next season? What will the new trends be? To answer these important questions, fashion companies take advantage of the knowledge and instinct of the Cool Hunter.

A captivating, modern, creative and trendy professional figure.

The trends researcher observes and documents the new trends emerging from the street, captures the inspiring characteristics and provides insights, thus helping companies move in the right direction.

The trend researcher travels the world searching for new styles (shapes, materials, colors, …) and provides creative ideas, ideas and data on which to design the new lines of fashion products.

The Cool Hunter is a professional who analyzes markets and societies from an aesthetic, sociological, anthropological and cultural point of view. It collects information on collective taste through photographs, flyers, exhibition programs and concerts, attending theaters and galleries, taking an interest in art, attending streets and clubs where new and interesting trends can emerge.

What features should a Trend Researcher have?

In addition to the importance of method and skills, there are some key features to become a trend researcher:

  • innate curiosity
  • instinct
  • attention to everything is new and detail
  • knowing how to observe and interpret
  • communication skills
  • creative
  • want to work
  • analytical skills
  • high sense of selection
  • voglia di viaggiare

What kind of career can have a Cool Hunter?

The Cool Hunter researcher is a relatively new professional figure in the fashion industry and certainly a great success. It is a strategic figure in the dynamics of market competition.

The Trend Researcher is often a freelance, working for several companies. Because of its high competence in the field of research and selection, it can become a fashion critic, a specialized journalist, a curator of cultural events in the sector.

What kind of training does a Cool Hunter need?

To become a trend researcher passion is not enough, even if indispensable.

It is essential to develop a broad fashion culture and a deep-rooted knowledge of all the fashion sectors both in stylistic and commercial terms and in marketing. The training course must also allow the development of a great sense of observation and criticism.

Another decisive element in cool hunter training is certainly the knowledge of English and other foreign languages.

Istituto Modartech with the Undergraduate Course Fashion Design allows to acquire the cultural baggage and the skills necessary to undertake the profession of trend researcher.

Attendance at a high-education fashion school, like Istituto Modartech, will allow students to discuss with professionals of the sector, for example through educational projects and internships, which will give the opportunity to enter the alive of the profession, absorbing in first person fundamental abilities, and to acquire important contacts for the own professional future.

Testimonials from professionals

Veronica Solivellas, a partner of Istituto Modartech, realizes one of the most complete and reliable Trend Books and project proposals for the creation and production of footwear at international level. A point of reference at an international level in the context of the Shoes Trend Book; no one better than her can give advice to all those who dream of becoming trend researchers:

I believe that one of the most important aspects is passion, because this is a profession in which continuous research and analysis work is required, which requires an open mind, creative and without any prejudice”.

To those who want to take this path, she suggests “Scholastic paths in the artistic sphere, being awake, reactive and curious, having many interests ranging from music, to cinema, to history. To have perseverance: it is a very tiring job that leads to being on the go physically and with the mind“.

If your passion is fashion and you imagine a career as a Cool Hunter, discover the educational offer of Istituto Modartech with the Undergraduate Course “Fashion Design” for the achievement of the First Level Academic Diploma in Fashion Design, title of study equivalent to the Short Degree and aligned to international university standards.

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