How to Become a Pattern Maker?

What does a Pattern Maker do?

The Pattern Maker of clothing, footwear, bags and accessories, is a fundamental professional figure in the fashion industry; is the link between the designer and the product. His work consists of developing the creative models of the fashion designer using traditional tools and innovative programs.

What are the skills of the Pattern Maker?

The Pattern Maker is a designer who follows the development of the first prototype starting from the designer’s indications.

It is a predominantly technical figure that proves to be fundamental in the fashion industry as it transforms itself as the designer imagines and designs into reality.

The pattern maker takes care of the development of design, combining traditional techniques, such as paper, with CAD, to get to the finalization of a final prototype. Therefore, it takes the first step towards the industrialization and production of the fashion product.

The pattern maker also follows the prototype to ensure that the item is faithfully and adaptable to different sizes and materials.
He knows how to interpret the indications of style and find technical solutions to enhance the creative idea on the basis of a careful analysis of the feasibility and practicability.

What are the skills of the Pattern Maker?

To become a pattern-maker you need to have some features:

  • passion for fashion and the profession work
  • problem solving, to be able to find truly effective technical solutions to enhance the stylistic idea
  • knowledge of the various design techniques and creation of prototypes, to guarantee the industrial reproducibility of the articles.
  • strong relationship skills and team working
  • aptitude for craftsmanship, to be able to create patterns in various sizes / measures for the industrial production of new (or modified) models
  • a good dose of creativity that allows you to find creative solutions to problems of realizability of the ideas of the fashion designer
  • extensive knowledge of materials and their characteristics, with particular attention to the applications of materials in the production phases
  • precision and a lot of practice in the technical drawing, to guarantee the industrial reproducibility of the articles
  • specialized technical training for the use of CAD software, an indispensable tool for designing models and putting them into production
  • knowledge of the fashion sector, in order to grasp the critical issues and feasibility of the designs.

What kind of training does a pattern maker need?

To become a pattern maker it is essential to acquire a specialized technical training.

It is important to attend a training course in a school that provides adequate knowledge of both the fashion industry and at the same time allows the development of extensive skills in the traditional pattern making sector, such as the creation of paper patterns and for the complete use of CAD applications.

As part of the courses offered by Istituto Modartech it is possible to acquire a complete education by addressing both the theoretical and the practical part of the profession.

Our courses also allow students to compare themselves with professionals in the sector, for example through educational projects and internships, which will give the opportunity to get to the heart of the profession, absorbing fundamental skills first hand, and acquire important contacts for the own professional future.

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What kind of career can a Pattern Maker have?

The pattern maker is one of the most requested professional figures in the fashion world.
As for his career opportunities, he mainly works as an employee of fashion companies.
Thanks to the experience and the technical skills possessed, the modeller is characterized by a strong specialization of the sector or market.

Testimonials of Modartech former students.

A word from the ex-students of Istituto Modartech: nobody better than them can explain how a passion can be transformed in career.

Chiara Cerasuolo, ex student of the Fashion Technology-CAD Apparel Pattern Making course, is just one of the last students who attended a course at the Institute and easily found a job in the fashion industry, thus seeing their dreams and aspirations for the future come true.

Chiara, who at the end of the course carried out an internship through Istituto Modartech confirmed then with an assumption at Valentino, tells us about her impressions and her experience at the Institute: “I discovered the Istituto Modartech on the web and I fell in love with the figure of the pattern maker who, for me, satisfied both the artistic and the technical and manual part of the work on a garment.

The institute helped me to have a 360-degree view of everything that is this world from the stylistic aspect to the modeling one.
Thanks to Modartech I had the opportunity to participate in a contest promoted by Peuterey for the creation of two feathered outerwear working in clothing design with the Lectra CAD Software Suite.

If you have discovered that you have a passion for this job, Istituto Modartech is for you!
The school offers a variety of highly specialized modeling courses. Discover the educational offer of the Institute, choose the course that best suits your needs and realize your dream!

We also remind you the possibility of setting up a free orientation interview without obligation.

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