How to become a Web Designer

What does a Web Designer do?

When we ask ourselves what a Web Designer does, the simplest answer is “make websites” an answer as simple as it is reductive.
The profession of Web Designer is much more complex and multi-faceted; the Web Designer is the one who deals with the technical design and graphic and structural construction of a website in its entirety and in all its features, so that it can consistently represent the identity of the company or private, maintaining accessibility and usability requirements.

The Web Designer is therefore a communicator capable of combining the needs of the customer with those of the users.
Today, more and more often, the professional figure of the Web Designer is given the task of designing and creating applications for mobile devices and videos, and social media management.

What are the skills needed to become a Web Designer?

  • Detect and analyze the client’s communication needs
  • Analyze the characteristics of the users of the site
  • Analyze the ways and communication styles of the main competitors
  • Know how to elaborate different style and graphic proposals
  • Make final tests of usability and accessibility
  • Knowledge of HTML and style sheets (CSS)
  • Knowledge of the principles of Web Marketing and optimization for search engines ( SEO, SEM, Email-Marketing…)
  • Knowledge Web-oriented programming languages (PHP, Javascript…)
  • Ability to build, edit and broadcast videos
  • Knowledge of advanced graphic processing techniques
  • Knowledge of CMS (WordPress, Joomla…)
  • Knowledge of essential regulatory principles related to the protection of copyright and privacy.

What skills must a Web Designer have?

The Web Designer has some fundamental skills such as:

  • Ability to design
  • Synthesis and aesthetic taste (look and feel)
  • Creativity
  • Technical skills
  • Ability to use the most effective software and professional tools

What training does a Web Designer need?

The Web Designer has a profile that has acquired strong skills on specific topics. Therefore, the passion or interest in the graphic sector is not enough to become a Web Designer, but a specialized training path is required and allows the acquisition of the necessary technical skills.
Following the attainment of the High School Diploma with an adequate level of computer and graphic knowledge, the “Web & Graphic Designer” course of Istituto Modartech addresses exactly these issues by allowing a complete and specialized development of the various skills.
The Istituto Modartech course, through the structured study program including final internship at companies in the sector, will give students the opportunity for a full immersion into the heart of creative processes, in close contact with professionals and web designers, thus confronting the operational characteristics of the profession.

What kind of career can a Web Designer have?

Web Designers have wide job opportunities in companies of all sizes and levels. The Web Designer can work as freelance or as an employee of graphic and communication agencies, marketing offices, public relations and event organization, web agencies, advertising graphics studios, typographies.

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Testimonials of Modartech former students.

The word to Modartech alumni, because no one better than them can explain how a passion can be transformed in one’s career.

Walter Severini, former student of Istituto Modartech, and currently creative for a well-known business museum: “I deal with the design and realization of event graphics and informative material and I also take care of the implementation of the website.

Outside, as a freelancer, I continue to follow numerous projects, including the one linked to a restaurant in the center of Pisa for which I had the opportunity to manage every aspect of communication: from branding to gadgets, from social management to realization of smartphone applications”.

Walter talks about his experience at Istituto Modartech: “I chose to attend Modartech to fill some gaps in coding and, thanks to excellent teachers, I managed to improve in this aspect and to find my own style in the purely graphic field. In addition, something fundamental and to which not many people give the right weight, I have learned to surf the web and stay constantly updated on every trend.

The experience was exceptional and I can say that I learned more in a course year than in 5 years as an autodidact.”

If your dream is to become a Web Designer, work in the world of Communication and you think you have the passion and talent you need, discover the educational offer of Istituto Modartech:
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