Interview with Cinzia Cerri

Face to face with our student of the Fashion Design course, today carries out an internship in the Armani company.

At the end of the three-year Course of Fashion Design students have the opportunity to express their creativity by creating collections of fashion clothing, footwear and accessories.

Cinzia Cerri, in her graduate collection, undermines the ideal of beauty conveyed by contemporary society in social media and advertising, proposing garments and accessories that deliberately enhance physical defects making them protagonists.

Watch now the interview!

1. What did you want to communicate on the catwalk?

My work is inspired by a personal experience that marked my adolescent period: the embarrassment and the humiliation of not being accepted and of considering myself “different” in a society made up of prototypes.

2. What techniques and materials characterize your outfit?

My outfits are designed by unstructured and asymmetrical shapes with contrast between different types of materials.

During the academic year, Cinzia had the opportunity to participate in a training workshop organized by YKK in Milan, selected as a finalist for Milano Moda Graduate 2019, an event promoted by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

3. Tell us about your project for Milano Moda Graduate 2019.

I realized a complete look for Milano Moda Graduate, applying as an insert to the clothes of the collection the zips of the renowned Japanese company YKK.

4. What are your future professional aspirations?

I would like to have a work experience in the style and product office of a fashion company because I am fascinated by both the part of research trends and the research and application of new fabrics and accessories.

5. What do you suggest to someone who wants to work in fashion?

I advise students to give their best on every moment and demonstrate a strong motivation to always be able to express themselves.

Cinzia’s dream came true: creativity and determination allowed her to enter into close contact with the world of work, immediately after the three-year course. She s currently doing an internship in the product office and models of the Giorgio Armani Donna Jersey line.

For more information on the Fashion Design Course send an email to or call at 058758458.

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