Interview with Claudia Aubert

From the three-year degree course in Fashion Design to the New York fashion system.

Twenty-three years and a dream: to enter the world of the fashion system and create fashion according to his identity and his creative vision. Claudia Aubert, a very young fashion designer fresh out of college, succeeded, and is the protagonist of an upward trajectory that led her to work within an important New York brand.

Originally from Viareggio, at the end of her studies she presented her personal collection “Head in the Claut”, which earned her a collaboration with AREA company of New York City, specialized in craftsmanship of quality, textile development and innovative decorations.

Q&A with Claudia Aubert

Favourite stylist?
Pierpaolo Piccioli

How would you describe your style?
I like to try various different styles

Favorite bag model?
The Kelly by Hermés

What trends will be the future of fashion?
The search for new fabrics with low environmental impact


1. What made you choose the Istituto Modartech?

I have cultivated a passion for fashion since I was little, thanks also to the example of my grandmother, who made handmade footwear of exquisite workmanship in Viareggio and who passed on to me the love for craftsmanship and care for details. This is how, years later, I decided to enroll in the three-year degree course in Fashion Design by Istituto Modartech.

Another positive aspect that convinced me is the teaching method which allows you to touch on different areas of the world of fashion, in order to have a 360° preparation.


2. Tell us about your collection

Head in the Claut“, inspired by the Dadaist movement, speaks of high craftsmanship and upcycling. I wanted to create a collection that spoke of my passions, namely fashion and art and that was also my business card.

For the clothes I chose to use eco-sustainable and regenerated materials, to create something new, just like Dadaism which extrapolated everyday objects from their context, transforming them into something different and original. In my collection, thoughts are laid bare and the boundaries between dress, body and space dissolve between canvas fabrics, second hand jeans, transfer prints, crochet, handmade embroidery and needling.


3. How did the Fashion Design course contribute to your professional career?

When I arrived in New York I realized that my preparation was more complete than that of my European peers. Training in the fashion sector in Italy is superior to other countries and I have seen this first hand.

However, I would not have been able to get the job I have without a good dose of passion and spirit of sacrifice. I remember that in the early days I even spent whole nights in the office, in the lead-up to the fashion shows, because I wanted to learn, delve deeper and not do the usual ‘homework’. I believe that these efforts have rewarded me in the end.


4. What role do you play in Area NYC and what are your activities?

I currently work in the embroidery and accessories department of AREA. When they called me it was like a dream was coming true! I had already been following AREA for some time and thanks to Istituto Modartech I had the opportunity to collaborate with it through a six-month internship, at the end of which the company decided to offer me an employment contract.

Claudia’s overseas experience was also possible thanks to the European funds of the project Erasmus+ assigned to the Istituto Modartech, which annually offers scholarships, via tender, to students who intend to undertake mobility experiences in foreign countries, within the framework of international agreements regulated by the Community Programme.

For more information on the three-year Fashion Design course, send an email to or contact us directly at 0587 58458.